A malicious campaign against Pakistan Army: When will the culprits be punished?

In recent days, the Pakistan Army Aviation helicopter went missing during the relief operation in the flood-affected areas in Lasbela, the wreckage of which was found in Musa Goth.This accident happened due to bad weather due to which 6 soldiers including Corps Commander Quetta Lieutenant General Sarfraz Ali and DG Pakistan Coast Guard Major General Amjad were martyred in the helicopter.

The ISPR says that the families of the martyrs were hurt due to the negative social media campaign after the helicopter crash, on which the families of the martyrs and the rank and file of the Pakistan Army are deeply saddened and anxious.In this difficult and painful time, the entire nation stood with the Pakistan Army, but some insensitive sections have taken up hurtful and insulting campaigns on social media, this insensitive behavior is unacceptable and highly condemnable.

In any country in the world no foul language is used regarding martyrs, trolling of martyrs on social media is certainly a very sad act, the nation and the armed forces suffered a lot from this act. And it was demanded that disciplinary action should be taken against those responsible for the propaganda. The use of shameful words related to the helicopter tragedy is certainly an expression of extreme mental degradation on which the political and social personalities of the country expressed their grief and anger.

The leader of PPP Saleem Mandviwala said that ”the investigation should be done on whose instructions and on whose instructions the propaganda against the army is being done. Propaganda against the army is highly condemnable, the nation salutes the great sacrifices of the army.

” The head of Pakistan Muslim League (Q) Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain says that “politicians should put aside political matters and expediency and make the propaganda campaign fail and give full support to the Pakistan Army. Everything is tolerable, the propaganda campaign against the army is intolerable.”

The federal interior ministry has formed a joint inquiry team, which includes ISI and IB officers, on social media harassment. After the arrest of some people, it has also come to light for spreading negative propaganda on social media. They belong to PTI. The propaganda campaign against the brave soldiers who were martyred in the helicopter accident had not cooled down when senior leader of PTI and former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Chief of Staff Dr Shahbaz Gul gave a controversial talk on ARY channel. The aim was to create disunity and insurgency in the armed forces.

As a result of Shahbaz Gul’s highly objectionable and hateful speech, the state on one side and PEMRA on the other also took notice. Islamabad Police arrested Shehbar Gul, but he is facing serious charges of rhetoric against institutions and inciting rebellion against institutions. Imran Khan neither condemned Shahbaz Gul’s statement nor expressed his indifference to his statement. Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has suggested that “Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and other leaders should distance themselves from Shahbaz Gul’s statement, it has caused damage. “Analysts say that Shahbaz Gill does nothing in isolation, whatever he does, he does it at the will of Imran Khan. On the other hand, PEMRA has termed Shahbaz Gul’s statement as highly objectionable, hateful, seditious, completely misinformed and said that this statement clearly undermines national security by inciting rebellion within the armed forces. It is equivalent to posing a threat.

PTI’s leadership and workers are encouraged to criticize the army and institutions and make negative propaganda from the speeches and messages of their ” Khan”. For a few months, the way ‘Khan’ has been talking about Pakistan’s institutions and forces and calling them by new nicknames. There is no precedent for this in the past. Let’s have a look at some of Khan’s statements and then we will expand the matter further.
Imran Khan said in a rally, “If the establishment does not take correct decisions, the army will be destroyed and Pakistan will be divided into three parts.”

“There is no room for anyone to be neutral at this time, Allah does not allow us to be neutral.”
“An animal is neutral because it does not distinguish between good and bad. Man stands with good.”
“Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq” of Pakistan sided with America and their government ended.In the history of the subcontinent, Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq have both been army chiefs, so where is the hint of Imran Khan. Everyone knows.
Organized campaign on social media against the army and institutions started when Imran Khan waved a paper from his pocket in a rally and said that there is an external conspiracy against me.

Imran Khan’s tension and dissension with the establishment started when he started “resisting” army appointments. The Army High Command, led by Army Chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, decided to remain “neutral” in government affairs. He decided that he would neither support Imran Khan nor help the united opposition in the no-confidence motion.

It was Imran Khan’s desire that the burden of his incompetent and failed government should also be put on the shoulders of the Pakistan Army and instead of remaining neutral in the motion of no confidence presented by the opposition, the army should support them. Imran Khan’s immature, non-political, childish thinking and undemocratic demands when he was called “absolutely not”. Since then, Khan made it a problem of his “ego”. From that time PTI began to criticize the establishment more than the opposition.

On April 9 and 10, Imran Khan’s supporters and voters left their homes across the country. He crossed all constitutional, legal, ethical and tolerance limits in his love for Imran Khan. There are pictures and videos on social media in which the Pakistani flag has been burnt, Pakistani passports have been torn, pictures of heads of institutions have been kicked and dirty slogans will be written on the pictures. If at that time action had been taken against the anti-national thinkers with constitutional and iron hands, then today no one would have had the courage and courage to do harm against the forces of Pakistan and their brave martyrs.

There is still time to take legal action against those who spread poison and disrespect the army and institutions without distinguishing between who is a worker and who is a party leader. It is also the responsibility of the honorable judiciary to hear such cases on a priority basis, to give decisions as soon as possible so that anti-national forces can be discouraged.

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