A model of orthopedic surgery

Imagine the stark and unforseen realities of life. I was doing fine at 72 until the morning of Monday, 24 May, 2021 when accidentally falling backwards from stairs and flat on floor breaking my femur bone and screaming in pain. Alhamdolillah, I was in safe hands of Lt. Col. Dr. Ahmed Mushtaq Khan, gem of an orthopedic surgeon and divine of a human being with exemplary counseling, consoling and confidence-building blending orthopedic operation acumen and skills second to none in the world.
Being one of the world role models of orthopedic surgeries emanating from and actualising in Pakistan earn qudos for Lt. Col. Dr. Ahmed Mushtaq Khan of the Combined Military Hospital Malir Karachi. This is Allah-bountiful Pakistan with Allah-blessed talents of Pakistan.
Any “high-risk” operation is very awful, painful and dreadful. For example, when a patient to be operated has multiple ills like My asthania Gravis (MS), Hypertension, wavering ECG etc.
An operation of a broken or fractured femur pelvic bone is a tough ask for an Orthopedecian. Here intensity of pain of a patient is horrendous. And his high risk surgery is a hair-raiser of sorts.
Managing a fractured femur is never an easy ask due to the horrible nature of the pain and trauma in this regard. However, Lt .Col. Dr. Ahmed Mushtaq Khan’s midas touch including the able support of Major Raja Nand, Head of Anasthesia and helpers like Bilal and Rashid made the entire procedure truly consoling for the painful souls. Indeed was helpful the appointment and coordination of Ghulam Bashir, PA to this Surgeon.
Despite unbearable pain my healing of an agonizing bone fracture started the moment I met guru of a Surgeon: Lt. Col. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Khan. Rarely a time-constrained doctor will listen to a pain-laden patient in such a cheerful calm cool composed and charismatic manner as him. No surgeon in the world would come out in the waiting area to personally raise spirit of the person being operated. Minutes later in the Operation Theater, despite dread of a high-risk surgery, I discovered delirium not doom.
Allah-gifted and Allah-blessed Surgeon: Lt. Col. Dr. Ahmed Mushtaq Khan, who already trained  and acclimatized me in such operation dynamics, dawns over the OT horizon with such divine touch of class and charisma that works wonders and heels the worst.
Operated with spinal an aesthesia, all fine within an hour, mutually seeing and smiling, my surgery was done without a blood spot with precaution in store. My family, relatives and friends waited out and down to hear me speak from the heart … “Allah has given me yet another life to serve my beloved wife and four sons…my heart parts Fahad, Faraz, Falah, Fajar, my nicest daughters in law Zoya and Aminah and the sweetest of all,¬† my little granddaughter Eman, who continues to recite “Ya Salamu” for me. Bless Allah my beloved parents, no more, who sacrificed their hearts and souls loving and caring for me for a life of grace, dignity and honor.