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A sincere advice to PM befriended by the cabinet

Imran Khan wanted to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan so he started his journey by establishing a party called PTI and spent 22 years struggling hard to achieve his cherished goal. Initially it was a good start honest dedicated neat and clean men of integrity joined his party but soon differences started appearing on the surface due to allowing certain old politicians belonging to other parties as they were the vote pullers. Such category of people are identified as “Lotas” who by virtue of their influence on voters always find place in other parties without any problem. Since IK wanted to become the Prime Minister so he welcomed them and enrolled them as members of core team of PTI, as a consequence many good people who had earlier joined left the party.
It is so unfortunate that all party heads sooner or later assume the role of a dictator and avoid listening to party loyalists and form their kitchen group by ignoring others has to face criticism and PTI is no exception.It may be recalled that majority of the MNA ‘s had genuine complaints against Nawaz Sharif who after becoming Prime Minister became most inaccessible person to his own loyalists as some of them were very vocal and came on tv channels lodged their protests over their leaders behaviour. If you are courteous you don’t loose anything but earn more respect. In fact it is equally applicable to all the party heads irrespective to which party they belong.Likewise even in army this attitude is getting strength and a great distinction can be seen between serving and retired officers. There was a time when retired officers were given highest respect and protocol but soon it started disappearing and now it is seldom practised. But we all must remember courtesy begets courtesy and it costs nothing.
July 2018 elections were held in very tense atmosphere because Imran Khan had thrown challenge to all other parties and promised his voters if he gets in to power he
will not spare any corrupt leader and shall bring back looted money to be spent on the welfare of poor people. Besides he made numerous promises on austerity, small cabinet and no VIP protocol. But practically no such change has taken place. July 28, 2018 elections brought victory for the PTI and it emerged as the largest party in the national assembly but not having enough votes to form the government. Winning election by PTI has been most tiring experience as it involved lot of finances and IK was luck to have dedicated business tycoon who spent billions in election campaign and ensured IK becomes the prime minister. It was demand of the people also they were fed up from status quo and wanted a change.But the result of the election was nit very encouraging as IK wanted support of smaller parties to form the government at the centre. His journey started with the support of coalition partners who dictated their own terms and conditions keeping their self interest at the top. It is like approaching IMF asking for loan. They never say no but put certain preconditions that largely are anti people. Because they don’t believe in concessions but heavy taxation. We do get loan as per our requirement but we have to take their dictation. Likewise Imran Khan had to take dictation from coalition partners to retain his premiership.
In Pakistan running election campaign is not a joke it requires billions of rupees to meet the election expenditures.Few known heavy weights came forward and funded the campaign to ensure victory. If someone is doing so much for you naturally expects some sort of compensation. Sugar crisis exposed the weakness of the government as sugar kings were in the party. Media and opposition built up pressure and Prime Minister had no choice except to set up a commission. Unlike past governments reports on many commissions set up from time to time were never made public but PM promised the nation that commission report shall be made public but all others reports will also be published, and accordingly it was made public in which some key personnel of the party were also named. Naturally it was not to their liking but PM had no choice except to distance himself. This resulted in pressure from within party and things have not settled and news about inquiry against IPP’s was made public but did not get much momentum, like sugar the beneficiaries are sitting in the cabinet. Once again there has been selective accountability that is being much talked about. Sitting advisors have their businesses and that is where conflict of interest is bringing harm to party.
The PTI as a matter of policy during their tenure should have avoided giving any permission to export sugar and grant subsidies. What has been happening in the past it was for the FBR to investigate the matter basically it is tax evasion. PTI in principle made a principal error by opening old cases which is like pandora box can never be closed. Opposition is all out to exploit these weaknesses and spare no time to create hurdles for the government. Top leaders of PPP and PML N are facing corruption charges but thank God opposition itself is in disarray and not on one page, so there is no immediate threat to government. The real threat is from friends who are working hard to create a separate group from within party including disgruntled elements. Recently MNA of PTI from Karachi had tendered his resignation but temporarily held up after he met with the PM. The PM has to move cautiously specially when the kitty is empty and our border situation is also disturbed and under present situation stand off between China and India should be taken seriously. Apart from this we have coronavirus challenge that has disturbed the economy of the country like other countries of the world but our loans are piling up.
The more disturbing feature is the growing confrontation between centre and Sind.It is true after 18 amendment provinces have become stronger than centre as rightly pointed out by Prime Minister who was frank in saying that after this amendment chief ministers have become dictators. The situation is getting alarming and needs to be controlled. PM has to take initiative and resolve the differences in the larger interest if state rather than taking it as PTI issue. This is the time to show leadership, listen to all but follow the path of reconciliation take independent decisions and discard the advise of friends who advocate path of destruction and breeds disunity. Beware of friends and kitchen cabinet, they all have their own priorities. History is full of such examples where own people betrayed the emperors.

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