A successful human being and a nourished society!

The Holy Prophet (SAAW) has illustrated that one who wakes up in the morning with three blessings around him/her (1) Sincere friends & family; (2) Good health; and (3) Basic economic resources to live, is a successful human being in this world (Mishka’at).
Life is not as much complicated as it has been made today. It is so simple, beautiful and a wonderful opportunity for the next level – the life Hereafter. It becomes complicated when anyone attaches with innumerable ballooning material aspirations that are insignificant and needs to be left out actually. Today in the modern century, people have been facing myriad problems in their lives. They strive hard for days & nights to overcome their problems considering they are struggling for basic necessities of life to live. But actually these are only wants and desires that have made them so restless.
The individuals who succeed to know what they actually need and what they do not are very lucky folks. It makes them free from different mental strains. It enables them to live a peaceful and tension free life. Therefore, a successful human being gets himself out of all junk desires and focuses on achieving things which are really necessary for the life.
Coming back to the Prophet’s (SAAW) illustration; it teaches us that a person who possesses sincere friends and family around him/her is socially strong, can easily grow with their support, and finds him/herself secure from enormous societal pressures. They multiply his/her happy moments and divide the sorrows. Such person surrounded by devoted companions shall be free from fear and will wake up every morning with passion & enthusiasm to do something extra-ordinary and productive. Since, fear of insecurity and loneliness destroys individuals’ capabilities. Therefore, one is successful who chooses the friends & family wisely and build a strong social bonding with them.
Likewise, Good mental and physical health enables an individual to perform lot of constructive activities by which he/she can flourish and can contribute to the society as well. This will enhance the ability of inventions and innovations in the human society. In developed nations, authorities often invest on their health sector so as to keep their population healthy. Resultantly, masses also pay back to the state with same passion and energy for national growth. So, those who find themselves healthy are blessed and the successful part of society.
Similarly, a person with availability of basic economic necessities like food, clothing & shelter is a blessed component of society.
Above-mentioned three blessings can be sub-categorized into following eight basic human rights/needs of life: (1) Food, (2) Clothing, (3) Shelter, (4) Education, (5) Health, (6) Spousal Arrangements, (7) Freedom of Speech, and (8) Social Security (Shah Waliullah Dehlwi R.A. has also narrated them while talking about societal nourishment). If an individual is having these basic needs fulfilled properly, he/she can live a splendid life and is a successful human being in this world.
By taking it to the larger scale, history witnesses that where any nation has tried to revolutionize itself and has desired to make a prosperous & nourished society, it has focused on these eight areas by establishing three Fundamental Pillars of System: (1) Such “Economic System” where no one sleeps hungry, everyone is able manage clothing & shelter for him and the dependents, a human effort is regarded more important than material things/capital; (2) Such “Administrative/Political Arrangement” that facilitates everyone to make good health through availability of fine hospitals and high standard educational institutions; and (3) Such “Social Setup/Contract” where every citizen can arrange easy spousal requirements, can live with social security, and has freedom of speech & expression.
Such human society is really an ideal, successful and nurtured society with high Human Development Index that everyone dreams for.

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