Action speaks rhetoric doesn’t

PTI government won elections in 2018 defeating its rival parties PML N and PPP that were ruling the country in rotation. Traditionally our all political parties after each election don’t accept the results if they are not favourable and also don’t accept their defeat and term the elections as rigged and manipulated by the establishment and Election Commission of Pakistan. The interesting point to note is that in spite of all the allegations and false accusations against Election Commission of Pakistan they become part of the alleged rigged elections and parliament. It is true that majority of the leaders of opposition have been criticising the government and calling Imran Khan as selected prime minister from day one at the same time have taken oath in the same parliament but never exercised their option of resigning from the parliament enbloc to pave way for fresh elections. In recent past we have seen how the resignation card was being played by opposition leaders without any substance. The entire nation knew it was a hoax and they had no intention to tender their resignations, if they do so they will be out of Senate race. Unfortunately this parliament throughout has remained dysfunctional due to negative role played by opposition and rigid attitude displayed by the government. However the situation became serious when cases of mega corruption were opened by NAB that mainly concerned PML N and PPP leaders and foreign funding case against PTI which is lingering on for many years. Frankly speaking PTI has nothing to do with these NAB cases as these were filed when NS was the prime minister. The situation became serious and critical when Supreme Court removed NS on charges of not being Sadiq and Ameen. He was replaced by Khaqan Abbasi who is also facing NAB cases on account of LNG scam and illegal appointments. Interestingly the outgoing and present Chairman NAB was jointly appointed by PPP and PML N therefore both parties cannot point fingers on chairman NAB’ credibility and bias attitude. Since the NAB Chairman got free hand with no interference from the present government so he decided to open all the pending cases of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari and many others and opposition put entire blame on the Prime Minister Imran Khan as if he was behind these cases where as it is mere allegation unfounded, but this has resulted in an unending confrontation.
PM came in to power with two major promises made to nation firstly to end corruption and bring back looted money stashed in foreign countries and improve upon the conditions of poor people. Unfortunately he failed on both the counts as a result opposition decided to exploit this situation and decided to stage protests against the government to force him to quit. IK dilemma is that he has become hostage in the hands of coalition partner’s, different mafias and strong bureaucracy inherited. IK failed to pick up proper team that resulted in frequent changes thus adding more problems. Apart from this his biggest drawback is his loose talk on which he has no control. Secondly most of the media is against him and supports opposition narrative. Thirdly he has fleet of spokespersons who also add to his problems.PTI government miserably failed to provide relief not only to poor but even middle class finds it difficult to make both ends meet. His period of 29 months has brought no relief to common man whatsoever but only added to their difficulties. Flour, sugar and electricity rates continue upward trend, old bureaucracy and demoralised staff provided golden opportunity to opposition to get united on one platform to form a great alliance of likeminded parties. On 20 September 2020 People Democratic Movement (PDM) was formed by 11 political parties who after detailed deliberations appointed Maulana Fazalur Rahman of JUI(F) group as its president. Although all these parties have their own political agenda but agree on one point to remove the incumbent government but they differ on the modus operandi. PPP leaders feel that change should be brought constitutionally because they have past history before them when unconstitutional means resulted in suspension of democracy for years.PDM after formation announced taking out big rallies. They were successful in pulling crowd but Lahore rally which was planned to break previous records proved a big failure. PML N failed to collect the crowd and managed few thousand people. There can be two reasons one the cold weather and secondly people are also fed up because they were not paid the amount agreed to come for the rally Nawaz Sharif made a biggest blunder as an old politician and three times prime minister when he targeted the Army Chief and the institution that resulted in backfire. It is very strange that he himself appointed Gen Bajwa as COAS and supported his second term in the parliament had no justification to turn against him. Actually his problem is that he wants his appointee to act according to his wishes and must pay regular visit at Jati Umra as is done by other heads of police and senior bureaucrats and heads of corporations. It is equally surprising he enjoys unique distinction of selecting and appointing army chiefs of his own choice even than failed to establish good relations with anyone. The anti establishment narrative fell flat and cracks appeared in the PDM and PPP don’t favour rallies and long march and wants to bring vote of no confidence in the house. But the problem is who will be Prime Minister because every party head is eyeing on this slot.
It is also true that there is no imminent danger to PTI from PDM but there is a danger from within people are disappointed for not fulfilling even single promise.PM is advised to correct the wrongs, ministers not performing must be shown the door their performance should not be measured the time they spend on media and why PTI government should insist on mismanaging the largest province. His own rhetoric on NRO and mafias should come to an end. The performance of any government is not measured on the size of the cabinet and advisors but measurement lies in good performance. His promise to change status quo has lost sight and fallen flat and if not attended the cost will be very heavy action speaks Rhetoric’s Doesn’t.

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