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AGT Star Atai and his team mesmerize SIBF audience

Farzana Mansoor

SHARJAH (UAE): Visitors to the 42nd Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) are witnessing a showcase of out-of-body contortion and robotic moves by an award-winning troupe that’s wowed judges and viewers on the global stage of America’s Got Talent TV show in the past.
Kyrgyz Atai Omurzakov – of the world-beating Adem and Atai duo fame – have swooped down upon the Expo Centre in Sharjah where the 12-day festival is being held until November 12, with his team’s signature moves combining spellbinding artistry for an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.
Omurzakov, who was joined by countrymen Nurgazy Urmatbek Uulu and siblings El Aman and Baiel Kaiypbekov, have recreated scenes from the Night at the Museum movie this time to bring Adem’s Superhero Showdown and their unique fusion of robot dance and contortion to the SIBF for the second year running. “We thoroughly enjoyed being here and performing in front of such a diverse crowd. And as artists, our biggest reward is the love we get from everybody at the event here – young and old alike,” 33-year-old who played Napoleon Bonaparte as part of the show noted.
With each move in every show, Atai and his team challenged the boundaries of what the human body can achieve, all while maintaining an impeccable harmony with the rhythmic precision of robot dance. “We have performed across Europe, gone to America and even travelled to the Far East but the kind of vibe we see here is extraordinary,” said Omurzakov who leads his team’s performances across the globe, flawlessly transitioning between the fluidity of dance and the intricacies of robotics.
For hundreds of children who saw their performance, it was not only a visual feast but also a celebration of the spirit of creativity and artistry that transcends cultural boundaries.