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Ocean of knowledge share a roof; International Book Fair showcases the literary and extra-ordinary gems

Special Correspondent

SHARJAH (UAE): Sharjah International Book Fair is proud to present an unparalleled gathering of literary treasures, where an ocean of knowledge awaits under one roof. Among the captivating works that have captured the attention of avid readers is “Lamhaat,” a profound publication by Iban Al Arabi Foundation.
At the heart of this literary masterpiece lies the insightful exploration of Shah Waliullah Dehlawi’s teachings. “Lamhaat” serves as the Sharah or explanation of Shah Waliullah Dehlawi’s original work, the intellectual finesse is further enhanced by the collaboration with Mufti Abul Khaliq Azad Raypuri, a distinguished scholar from Pakistan.
Mufti Abul Khaliq Azad Raypuri adds value to the profound insights of Shah Waliullah Dehlawi, making the book more meaningful and easily accessible to readers. Through this collaboration, readers can delve into the depths of knowledge with clarity and understanding.
“Lamhaat” is more than a book; it is a gateway into the wisdom of Shah Waliullah Dehlawi, brilliantly illuminated by Mufti Abul Khaliq Azad Raypuri
Sharjah International Book Fair invites all literature enthusiasts to explore this literary gem and many more at the event, where knowledge meets discovery.