Ahsan for promoting Pakistan-Muscat direct trade

KARACHI: Pakistan’s Ambassador-designate to Muscat K.K. Ahsan Wagan has assured that it will be his top most priority to promote direct trade and commercial relations between Pakistan and Muscat as it has been observed that most of the Pakistani products were usually landing in the Muscat’s market via Dubai, says a Press release.
Exchanging views with Senior Vice President KCCI Arshad Islam during his visit to KCCI, Pakistani envoy said, “Trade and commercial relations remain very close to my heart therefore, I will try my best fully facilitate business-to-business interaction between Pakistani and Muscati business communities”
He was of the opinion that building strong trade and commercial relations is very important and a core matter for all the Pakistani diplomats discharging their duties in numerous countries around the world. “The economic diplomacy is very crucial because the effects of economic diplomacy are on the society, community and people of the country. If exports rise, these would in turn bring foreign exchange, generate massive number of employment opportunities and ultimately reduce poverty in the country”, he added.
While assuring full support and cooperation to KCCI members who are keen to enhance trade ties with the business community of Muscat, K.K. Ahsan said that they will be fully assisted in all their initiatives towards improving trade ties with their counterparts in Muscat as this Chamber plays an important role in the economic development of Pakistan and due to its huge membership base from a small shopkeeper to leading industrialist, the Karachi Chamber is the only Chamber which is in a perfect position to explore new avenues of trade and investment cooperation with Muscat.
K.K. Ahsan, who is currently deputed in Niger and will soon be assuming his next assignment in Muscat, stated that there was a huge potential for Pakistani products in the African region where all the major players including United States, China, India, Turkey, France and many others have heavily deployed their Diplomatic Missions.
“Unfortunately, we never look towards the African market as only 15 Pakistani missions were working in this important region against 53 Missions from China, 48 from India, 46 from Turkey, 44 from United States and 42 from France. Everybody is there in Africa but we are missing”, he said and urged the Pakistani business community to go beyond traditional markets, explore new markets, new areas and new products.
Speaking on the occasion, Senior Vice President KCCI Arshad Islam commented that the mainstay of Pakistan’s economy depends on the revenue being generated through the exports but unfortunately, the country has not been able to achieve the export targets due to various reasons. Hence, there is a dire need that all the Ambassadors, Consul Generals and Commercial attachĂ©s of Pakistan, including the Ambassador-designate to Muscat will have to pursue an aggressive approach and effectively promote Pakistani products and services with a view to ensure sustainable economic prosperity.
He was of the opinion that Pakistan is blessed with abundant resources and because of excellent whether conditions, the country produces some of the finest agricultural products while the industries are also manufacturing high-quality goods, having good potential for exports to many destinations around the world including Muscat. “The only thing missing is effective marketing therefore, our diplomats will have to focus on promoting Pakistani products, which, if dedicatedly done, would surely yield positive results”, he added.
In this regard, Arshad Islam said that KCCI, on its part, is making persistent efforts through My Karachi Exhibition which is being staged every year since 2004 to not only promote Pakistani products and services but also to clarify all the misconceptions about the security situation in Karachi. He requested the Ambassador to promote KCCI’s My Karachi Exhibition in Muscat and ask Muscat’s business community to participate in this mega event which would provide a perfect opportunity to better understand the requirements of Pakistani market and also develop good linkages with their Pakistani counterparts.

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