Akash abducted as Bol decided not to air voice of those abusing judiciary, says Sami Ibrahim

Monitoring Desk

ISLAMABAD: Bol News Senior Anchorperson and President Sami Ibrahim said Thursday that the abduction of Bol News Marketing Head Akash Ram is destroying the face of Pakistan.
He also underscored the reason behind Bol being victimized saying that Akash is being abducted as Bol decided not to air the voice of those who were abusing the judiciary.
“This is what the constitution of Pakistan says that the conduct of judges cannot be discussed and we decided not to air that and we are proud of it.”
He said, “We have been doing a press conference to apprise the world what is status of human rights violations in Pakistan particularly Bol.”
Sami Ibrahim while shedding light on the past events said that last year Bol President was also kidnapped, “We had all pieces of evidence but no one paid attention.”
He said that no one from the authorities paid attention to the kidnapping adding that small trucks have been taking rounds near the Bol building in Karachi.
“These suspicious vehicles also went to the house of Co-Chairman Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh.”
Not only this, Bol News senior anchorperson also said that the channel’s finance and marketing people were being followed.
“Mr Akash Ram is the marketing head of Bol. Some unknown people dragged him out of his house and took him away along with three other people including a guard of the building who is a diabetic patient.”
Sami Ibrahim also said that in Pakistan religious minorities are treated differently and authorities always try to uplift the issue but in Akash Ram’s case, he was picked up by the government and the matter destroyed the face of Pakistan.
“This is a very sad situation, we are not challenging the authority of any individual or institution. We are just explaining how we are victimized.”
“We also want to warn those who are controlling such affairs that this is not good in the interest of the country. It can be a stigma.”
Adding that these are humble submissions Sami requested the international organizations to help.

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