America in perturbation


Over the last three weeks many US cities are in protest due to the inhumane killing of unarmed Black African-American, George Floyd by police in Minneapolis. It has sparked protest all across the Europe and America under the slogan of “Black Lives Matters”. Subsequently, six people died during protest in clash with police in America. Gradually, every single individual, black, brown, and white are participating the protest against racism and ethnocentrism.
It is not a matter of killing one black person, but systematic anti-black hatred which is deeply rooted in system against colored people from centuries. For those who are not paying attention; it is not a problem. Slavery in America was abolished 150 years ago. Matter solved; hardly so.
Historically, colored people bore the brunt of suppression, exploitation, and subjugation at the hands of their white masters. They were used as a commodity for trade purpose; from one master to the other, from Africa to Europe and America as a part of slave trade. Exchanged, sold or perished on the way. No one cares about them at that time. Thousands of people killed and murdered while leading them to European masters. Moreover, black people were used to work in mines, forests, mountains, and tilling of soil to earn for their masters. In return, hardly they got a meal to satisfy their hunger. Thus, they were not regarded capable of favoring them right.
Abraham Lincoln – 16th president of United States of America (USA) led the abolition of slavery in America in 1865 when the 13th amendment to the US constitution was passed. This historic amendment brought an end to “Slavery and Involuntary servitude”. Three years later, 14th amendment to the constitution was passed in America. It recognized a person who born in America its citizen. On account of it, every person irrespective of color, creed, and race were given right to vote. Right to participate in political matters is legalized by now.
Unfortunately, woes of black Americans remain as usual as before. The 13th amendment made slavery null and void, but there was still a loophole in it which hounds colored people time and again. That is criminality against black; hatred deep dwelt among whites for black; intolerance against the black; more importantly to consider them lower and race liable to detest on earth. This kind of mentality time and again appeared and reminds the white’s anti-black racism, like killing of George Flyod. His murder echoes gross violation of American’s constitution, and said amendment against slavery.
There is no legal validation to slavery in the world. Many years ago, it was expunged and made illegal and inhuman to human nature. But, masters vs slave mentality for certain races, communities, and tribe still exist in the parts of world in the form of domestic violence, forced labor, and intolerance. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most humiliating and deadly than apartheid which prevailed in 19th century America. One can realize the burnt and atrocity from Floyd’s killing. He was killed on My 25 when a policeman put his knee on Floyd’s throat for a full 8 minutes and 46 seconds, ignoring his pleas and those of the crowds that had gathered.
Surprisingly, the protest against his killing took no time and spread across the country. Now, it had turned into a movement against white’s supremacy and anti-black racism. “Black Lives Matter” had become a cry of entire black population, even white people joined in solidarity. There is no sign to stop it in near future. They are demanding to end culture of intolerance and suppression to black people in America. On contrary, American President has utterly failed to satisfy the protesters. On the other, his deployment of troops to stop the resulting violence after George Floyd murder is further deteriorating the conditions. There is anger among people. There is a disdain and trust deficit among people in state apparatus. Hence, remedial measure lies in peaceful settlement of an issue as well as doing justice to black people.
Unquestionably, colored people are an indispensable part of American society. They led peacefully to get the rights of citizenship in America. Consolidated and united now against odds. Considering them unequal and less appropriate compared to white will polarize the whole society. It can push into a deep and violent chaos, if supremacist mentality is not controlled.
There is a need to control the police barbarity against black people. Police force stands for controlling the crime, and maintaining law and order. However, its role as slave patrolling like in past is back. At that time, black found without permission of his masters outside of his jurisdiction, punished with 30 lashes on the spot. Recently, it is changed, police is using brutal force and killing black on the spot. But, it is 21st century America, black have equal rights like their former masters, and equally capable to compete them in all walks of life, like education, health, technology, politics, and so on.
All in all US has a history of anti-black racism, racial injustice, and suppression of black; to give peace a chance to prevail in America. It is necessary to acknowledge justice, equality, and freedom to black nationals. Above all, ending all kind of intolerance, ignorance, and inhumanity toward black citizens is need of an hour.