An open letter to Prime Minister on state of Pakistani youth


Honourable Prime Minister, at present Pakistan is passing through hardest times throughout her history owing to the pandemic. Though Pakistan is not an exception because the COVID-19 is a global pandemic, every individual, institution and nation is going through the same hardships. However, because of her hard history, Pakistan and her people are facing more hardships than anyone else around the world. Our social structure is coupled with a number of serious ills, our political system has always been fragile and above all, the prevailing economic instability has further added insult to the injuries.
Without any doubt, whole nation is passing through hard times. The pandemic does not respect age, social, political or religious status. In short, we as a nation are suffering together in one form or the other. But here we would like to seek your attention to the problems the youth are confronting in the midst of the pandemic situation but not limited to pandemic times. Even before the pandemic, the condition of youth was never stable.
The youth has power to transform the country’s future. But this requires attention of your government which can take initiatives and formulate sound policies for youth. According to the UNDP report, 64 per cent of the population in Pakistan is younger than 30 years. This is a blessing in disguise for our country when we have alarming growth in population.
Sir, you know very well that in bringing your party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in power, the role of the youth was crucial. They voted for a change, they supported your mission and above all, they trusted your leadership. We are just two months away when you are going to complete two years in the office. But, ironically, youth are yet to benefit. Youth could be engines of development or their disillusionment could lead to social unrest. Now, therefore, their future can be decided by Your Excellency. Your government has enough potential to transform the youth bulge into demographic dividend.
Your Excellency, in the current scenario, a big chunk of young population is jobless. Their skills and talents are being wasted without proper direction and policy mechanism. However, your government alone cannot be accused for the suffering of our young population. But as they uplifted your vision, for now, it is time for your government to uplift them because without your government’s support they can’t contribute.
Your government had announced to bring tsunami of job, for which, hundreds of thousands of young Pakistanis both male and female are waiting patiently because they trust your government. Thence, let their talents give place for building a strong and prosperous Pakistan.
There is not any iota of doubt that you are not aware of the expectations and sufferings of the youth. Yes, some of the initiatives have been taken to facilitate them. But still there is long way to truly help them in various ways.
Sir, the biggest problem, our youth are facing today, is joblessness. Since your government is in office, hardly any jobs have been announced. This is creating mental traumas among them. With the passage of time, ages of a great number of youth are hitting the horizon.
Young graduates are looking at you. Your government is hope for them. They need special attention. Their talents can be utilised for a better Pakistan. Their potential can fully contribute for a prosperous and peaceful country.
Therefore, Excellency, please put your efforts to bring the youth at a level where they can become a dividend for development, peace and prosperity of Pakistan. It is high time to invest in youth. Their health, education and job security need prompt and sound attention. Otherwise, the consequences of youth bulge could unleash many dangers which we can’t afford. In the end, once again, you are requested to take care of your young population become they are looking at Your Excellency. I hope, you will find this letter in good spirit and consider it a genuine voice of youth of this country and will do your best in this regards. Long Live Pakistan.