An organization sans well-defined ideology can’t thrive


KARACHI: An organization without a well-defined ideology can never truly thrive. The journey of illumination often begins from an individual with a strong conviction in his abilities and a will to serve others by making efficient use of the resources at hand, no matter how insufficient. Similar is the story of FFP, a NGO, whose foundation was laid by Abdullah Ehsan Syed, at the age of 15, on 11th April, 2009. Initially its services were limited to Pakistan, but its roots have now been extended to USA, Turkey, and Morocco with an agenda to uplift the underprivileged communities in terms of lifestyle, education, health and other integral sectors.
Syed, a youth of diversified interests, fostered his dream of philanthropy, travelling, and entrepreneurship by choosing a career which enabled him to work on his goals without any hindrances or constraints. After dropping MBBS, he studied ACCA. Also, he enrolled himself in Pearson College, accomplishing another bachelors and a Master’s degree in Political Science. Being a qualified ACCA, he has sound knowledge in the domain of finance. His passion for playing basketball earned him a good reputation as a representative at the national level. He has also worked as an external auditor in Ernst and Young Ford Rhodes MNC.
Syed, despite having a strong family background (his father being the director of FBR), relied on his own capabilities during the entirety of his journey and never asked for financial support from his family.
Not forgetting that his strong background in finance has rendered him able bodied to keep FFP’s accounts completely transparent. The organization’s accounts are not only audited by himself on a yearly basis but FFP is also FBR registered. Syed has taken it upon himself to ensure that his diversified portfolio enables him to run this organization like a well-oiled machine, the machine’s purpose in life is to uplift the less unfortunate and to make this world a better place. His challenges in life haven’t been able to dissuade him and he is still standing tall, taking FFP to new heights.
FFP, is undeterred by the COVID-19 risk, and carried on its mission of catering the needs of the underprivileged communities. The organization tried its best to distribute food, overcome unemployment and combat the depression during the testing time. 12000 rations bags were distributed to the needy; medical kits were provided to the front line warriors of our society and riders were assigned the task of ration distribution who earned Rs.500 in return along with allowances including food, petrol and credit.
FFP would now like to ask for your support in these perilous times, where for certain people their next meal is unconfirmed. It is time for all of us to give back to society by helping in the eradication of hunger and poverty. We would like to request major companies to come and work with us in this fight against COVID-19 and its aftermath. Our economy is on the verge of collapse and we need your help in ensuring that no one goes to sleep with an empty stomach. We would like to urge you to help in our cause and making sure that Pakistan gets out of this time stronger than ever. Join hand with FFP today, where we work for humanity not for personal glory.