Are we really a ‘Nation’?

Pakistan, a country formed through many sacrifices and a few great leaders who dreamt of it to be one of the best and most powerful in the world. This country now is unfortunately blessed with people like us, leaders like that we all know how good and loyal they are to the roles they are assigned to, everyone on their own roles and powers are exploiting those who don’t have it at the moment, creating a fire and revenge in the minds of oppressed one that when they will have the power they will firstly prefer to exploit others, a drug that is so addicted is that of a ‘Power’.
A nation makes the country and we know why not a single country has true respect for Pakistanis and our passport; the fake promises that make everyone captive of the heavenly dreams shown to them by those who had some devil plans. We all are equally responsible for ruining this country and now it is time for us to take up the stage that it is no good anymore. Those who could’ve made it better are now gone to abroad and a very few who are left will leave shortly, due to the mean public and politicians we have left with no options but to see the reality; why shall we call ourselves Muslims when we are not even a good human being? Public that has no interest in cleanliness, no interest in politeness, have zero traits that makes us a good nation.
If we say Pakistan is the best country, then on what grounds can we defend this mantra? The people that represents a country is what makes the country, and if we talk about the majority of Pakistanis we will know where we actually stand and it will become very hard for us to defend it.
Our country, in actual, is standing in a situation which could prove to be us in a very fragile state, a state that is likely to downgrade it further. It’s like we have taken oath to finish Pakistan, we are not a nation of our word but a nation that can only live in fake dreams as long as it pleases us and once we open our eyes we will see it disappear and who knows if by that time we will even be able to bear the reality.
From top to bottom we have been ruined, from basic rights to safety and security and you name it, we don’t have any of it, when we go on roads we see 9 out of 10 people driving recklessly, breaking signals, using abusive language, staring at women, litter all around, bribing and what not, if it would be the time where nations used to be vanish by God for their sins, we would be long gone.
The day is not far where all decent and good people living here will be moved to foreign countries and Pakistan will be left with the corrupt, manner-less and the most illiterate people. We don’t know the meaning of Islam, the laws looks as if they are only made for the poor and middle class, the government has zero interest in taking action against those who use it for their personal grudges and they are never held accountable.
What are we getting in return from the country where we are living in, where is our tax money going? Do we get basic necessities? Do we get safety? Do we get our civil rights? Does law actually help or is always exploits the oppressed one?
Snatchings have been increased, who are to blame for that; the security forces or else? Street crimes and suicides, hunger is the reason behind that but only if the promises made by the leaders would’ve been fulfilled, we didn’t have to see this time.
Laws are meant to be implemented strictly, it should be so strict for our nation that people would be scared to break it and think hundreds of times before even breaking a traffic signal. And right now people take it as a challenge due to the inefficiency of our government and law enforcing agencies that they feel so cool and proud while breaking these laws because those who made those laws are sitting like a helpless and a good-for-nothing-like departments. Every single person if acts loyal with their duties and professions will play a big role in helping us making a better country again, so why not to make Pakistan great again?
We have left with a very few times to improve ourselves before it is too late; if we want to do something for our country then it is as simple as starting something good from our end, otherwise by the end of the day we will be left with nothing and then it will be too late. Use the freedom we have now to become a good human and a good citizen and become a reason for our country’s good reputation not the reason for its downfall.

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