Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardar Has Warned President Arif Alvi of the Consequences If he Hindered the Process of Appointment of COAS,.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party I have warned President Arif Alvi of the consequences of obstructing the appointment of the COAS.

Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has warned President Arif Alvi of the consequences if he hindered the process of appointment of COAS, as it is the sole prerogative of the prime minister of Pakistan. Looks as if he has some doubts about the authority of PM.

Question arises who is responsible for creating this mess? Who is responsible in making this nonissue into a controversial issue? What does the constitution say about appointing army chief? Why there should be fears about blocking the summary? Why make Tamasha of a simple matter?Expressing such fears before the announcement at least to a layman creates impression as if something unusual is going to happen, otherwise no question of challenging the decision of PM for that matter on any appointments.

We have made a mountain out of mole hill. Another question that comes to mind what is the wisdom to delay the announcement. It could have been done much earlier as per past practice.The world is laughing at us, laughing at our governance. How can IK object on the choice of army chief by the Prime Minister. There is no provision in the constitution to consult opposition parties on the selection of COAS as PM enjoys complete freedom of action that simply reflects clouds of unknown fears circling around PM.

It is so unfortunate that for the last 3 months debate is going on in public who will be the next chief? Talk shows are being held to forecast who should be the next chief? Social media is full of speculations, everyone fielding his own choice. That’s not the way to handle sensitive matters.

Name a country where appointment of army chief is discussed so openly and for such long period. It looks Pakistan being nuclear state has just one issue of highest priority that is selecting new COAS. Minister of defence making another fresh statement that process will start on Monday, and by 23 Nov nation will have new COAS. But one thing now stands out the new chief whosoever he may be shall be in difficult position due to mess all around.

Appointment of army chief is also being awaited anxiously the world over. Pakistan army has ruled for half period of 75 years of its existence and half indirectly or through proxy,has wielded considerable power in matters related to security and foreign policy. It is because of this power no prime minister completed its 5 year term. This time army came under severe criticism and first time in the history of Pakistan DG ISI Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum had to address press conference to reject allegations of IK former PM.

Nawaz Sharif while sitting in London also openly criticised Gen Bajwa for which there was no justification. He was disqualified by the SC.Look at the priorities country is facing financial collapse,flood affectees waiting for rehabilitation, inflation is over 26%, 38% are living below poverty, total loans has exceeded 62 trillions our foreign reserves all time low 8 billion dollars.

Our losses are over 32 billion dollars only 4 billion dollars aid has been received, with such statistics who says we are not defaulting. Our burning issues are,who should be army chief, items purchased and sold from Toshakhana, who will be next PM. To come out from financial crunch we have to review salary structures of all segments of society and needs drastic reduction.No one seems to be worried imagine what will happen to common man. If elections are held little earlier heaven shall not fall why delay it.Why we collectively are heading towards path of destruction.

Since retirement order of Lt Gen Asim Munir has not been announced so he being senior most stands better prospects.Seniority is of course major considerations but there are other factors also. CGS appointment is considered to be the top most and key appointment in GHQ amongst serving Lt Generals.

There are three main contestants and two four star generals are to be promoted out of three Lt Gen Asim,Saher and Azhar. But we must understand whosoever becomes army chief he will be the army chief of Pakistan Army and country but not of any political party this must be understood by all. There is possibility of surprise also so let us hope it all ends up well in the larger interest of the state.