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Assassination Attempt on Imran Khan and people’s power

An Assassination attempt on Imran Khan and the power of the people

As expected an attempt of assassination on Chairman PTI during long March at Wazirabad was made injuring IK in his leg. He was hit in the legs and four bullets were fired and he was rushed to Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

As reported three bullets have been removed from his leg by team of doctors of SKMH and IK feeling much better. Besides one person died and eleven got wounded. There are conflicting reports about bullets, it is immaterial whether bullets were less or more the fact remains attempt was made but Allah has been kind to save his life from internal and external enemies of Pakistan. Many heads of state have condemned the incident and prayed for IK early recovery including US and Iran.

IK called off the Rally and has advised his workers to be patient and wait for final call that will be announced after his discharge from hospital. Through a televised address on Friday gave complete details of the background of assassination attempt on him, he blamed Interior Minister, PM, and a senior military officer. He briefly repeated corruption charges against rulers and getting NRO on the looted money and his resolve to ensure that money shall be recovered and he will never compromise on corruption. While addressing he showed video clip of 24 September in which he revealed that plot is underway to kill him but he will never deviate from his mission.

No sooner he gets well he shall give call to people to March towards Islamabad. It is reported IK is out of hospital and has said long March shall commence on Thursday 10 November and led by Vice Chairman PTI Shah Mahmood Qureshi and may reach Islamabad during next 10 days. The long march shall restart from that very place IK was fired.

Punjab government has formed JIT. The shooter along with his accomplice and many more have been arrested. He applauded the efforts of a PTI worker who immediately pounced on the shooter and grabbed him and saved many lives. There has been strong protest on Friday throughout Pakistan in major cities specially at Faizabad chowk Rawalpindi where hundreds of tear gas shells were fired to disperse the crowd.

Unfortunately the planners of regime change thought that once IK is removed from premiership business as usual will take place and people shall soon forget IK. But it bounced back badly, all assessments failed .He did not rest and embarked upon his mission to wake up the nation and stand against alleged imported regime, people responded in befitting manner and rallied around him at short notice and interestingly crowd kept multiplying.

The result of by elections further stamped his popularity as most of the seats were won by him. In all his public meetings be mobilized the people as a result one could see sea of people attending his meetings. That huge turn over in his meetings un nerved the government. As first step ECP de seated him for non-declaration of assets. Just to remind people IK has demanded removal of ECP being partial and siding with the government.

Apart from this number of cases were instituted against him on flimsy grounds to keep him busy in courts but all these cases proved futile as courts kept giving him relief. The only option probably was to eliminate him therefore an attempt was made but he survived due to the prayers of people and blessings of Allah.

When there is internal commotion, unrest, disorder and political instability enemies find it convenient to penetrate and disturb the peace and create law and order situation to destabilize the country. The only demand of IK was announcement of election date. The government failed to read writing on the walls and took it

lightly but when saw sea of people started taking necessary precautions. As a first step Islamabad was sealed and turned in to container city to ensure no PTI workers enter Islamabad. IHC and Supreme Court has turned down the request of government to stop Haqiqi Azadi March being constitutional right of all the political parties as long as it is peaceful.

Islamabad has sought written assurance from PTI that the March shall move on designated route without creating any law and order situation, however NOC from administration is still awaited, the mater is now pending in the court.

Notwithstanding both sides PDM and PTI are in great confrontation and there seems to be no end at all. Out of 220 million people of Pakistan no one has come forward to make them sit across the table and take decisions in the best interest of the state. President Arif Alvi did try to bridge the gap between government and PTI but failed in his efforts being part of PTI.

Come what may people of Pakistan are now united under the leadership of IK. He has amply demonstrated to government and powers that matter that he is now unbeatable, but his criticism against establishment is uncalled for and he should exercise caution while addressing people. In a latest development ISPR has taken notice of allegations levelled against senior army officer and asked government to take action against IK accordingly.

PM has also approached CJ Supreme Court to constitute full bench to probe charges levelled by IK. On the other hand, PTI chairman has also requested CJ Supreme Court constitute full court on his assassination attempt. The present on going tussle between government and PTI has brought miseries to common man who is the main sufferer.

PTI workers are staging demonstrations throughout Pakistan in major cities causing disruption in traffic to the great inconvenience of commuters. Question arises what is the solution when both sides fail to reach an agreement. People always looked towards army to play its role when politicians fail to reach an agreement on political disputes. Since establishment has assumed role of neutrals therefore the only option is Supreme Court.

The entire burden has been put on the shoulders of Supreme Court whereas political issues are supposed to be resolved in the parliament. Our parliaments most of the time has remained dysfunctional thus paving way for extra judicial steps. In 75 years’ history this is first time that leaders and institutions have become unfriendly that is something very serious and calls for end to such confrontations as it is no good for the state. Let sanity prevails and issues are amicably settled.

I would end my article on the golden rule of Carl Vol Clausewitz who was a Prussian General said “Within the trinity of The people, The Government and the Armed Forces, if forced to make a choice, the Armed Forces must identify themselves with The people”.

Assassination Attempt Assassination Attempt Assassination Attempt Assassination Attempt Assassination Attempt

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