The Azazili Lashkar

Azazili Lashkar

Western World Thinkers (Thin Tank), polytheist scholars etc. have trained intellectual mercenaries in the Islamic society to destroy the blessed body of the Muslim Ummah from within like blood, etc. They are pushing the old and future generations of the Islamic Ummah towards ignorance, so that they can turn the Muslim Ummah into a soulless body.

Therefore, we hope that you, the parents, will be careful and adorn your children with the ornaments of Islam, never leave them like that for a day or a night, unless you water the Islamic flower bed. Don’t give. And let every enemy of the enemy stand in their way. Many atheists and some secular elements blame Islam for the backwardness of Islamic countries and Muslims.

First of all, from the point of view of Muslims, this claim is completely wrong, because Muslims fully believe in the commandments of Allah Almighty, and in this regard, Allah Almighty says: Therefore, Muslims believe that Allah Almighty brings good and bad situations to Muslims… On the other hand, the believers are trying and making efforts for this, but a day will come when Muslims will return to their honor and progress after the past, God willing, there was a time when Muslims ruled the world for about a thousand years. In which all the people lived under the umbrella of peace and harmony and brotherhood.

Science and knowledge had developed in such a way that most of today’s technology and facilities are the result of Muslim discoveries. This university was invented by Muslims for the first time. People from the West used to come to Islamic countries to study sciences and arts. There was no poverty, no one was oppressed.

You are right, secondly, which countries are developed and have a good economy, the main reason for this is not religion but other reasons. There are factors. There are also countries in the West where most people are non-religious/non-Muslim but the economic situation is so bad that people die a lot.

For example, in the country of Venezuela, which is located in South America, millions of people have migrated to other countries. People die daily due to poverty and lack of health facilities.
According to the New York Times, Trump himself said: Venezuela, which is currently suffering from an economic crisis, is due to the incompetence and corruption of the country’s president, Maduro.

In addition, according to the 2020 report, more than 92 million people in Europe are experiencing poverty, on the other hand, more than half a million people are homeless and live on the streets, this has developed and continues. , but he has lost all his spirituality and is giving up, his family system is facing failure, husband and wife do not marry for fear of material things, suicide due to mental stress and loneliness, and are facing a huge crisis.

It came to the conclusion that Islam is not an obstacle to the development of human beings, but it depends on the freedom, knowledge and insight of the rulers of the countries, how much effort they make for the development of their country. The current rulers of the Muslims are hired by the westerners and most of the Islamic countries have been attacked by the westerners and created insecurities in them so that they join the war, they do not and do not.

Develop because tomorrow they will merge into their previous conditions and it will be a headache for them. So the real reason for the backwardness of Muslims is the West itself.

Also, most Muslims live in the West, but their economy is as good as that of other non-Muslims, and Islam does not hinder their progress, even though many Muslims work in ministries, parliament and other positions. They own companies, and big businesses, so religion or Islam is not an obstacle for them. Obstacles arise when someone abandons his religion and the path of the Qur’an and follows the path of others.

It is the opinion of other Westerners that Islam is against science and education or that the scholars do not know about the military affairs of the country. Look at the history of the world, history tells and now that the Islamic system is in force in Afghanistan. It is a great victory that the scholars of Islam are not behind militarily in the publication of Islam.

I am only writing that sometimes the west raises slogans against Islam and religion and some Muslims call it bad. It is necessary that you investigate the western propaganda whether it is really right or wrong, another matter of history. There is a study that tells a person everything very clearly from the beginning to the end. slot slot pulsa slot slot online