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Balochistan’s Governor visits HDWS Academy

Special Report

BALOCHISTAN: Abdul Wali Kakar, Governor of Balochistan, paid a visit to the headquarters of Balochistan’s first and only Canoe Kayak and Rowing Olympic Sports International Academy (HDWSA) at Hanna Lake, Quetta the other day.
The purpose of the visit was to participate in the pre-monsoon tree plantation project of HDWSA, dedicated to the restoration of the ecosystem and raising awareness among the youth and Canoe Kayak, Rowing, and Sailing athletes of Balochistan about the importance of trees for a healthier environment for humans, wildlife, and the planet.
Governor Abdul Wali Kakar actively participated in the ongoing Protect Environment Tree Plantation Project by planting White Mulberry and Arizona Cyprus trees.
During his visit, the governor accompanied by Hashim Khan Ghalzai, his Principal Secretary and Patron of HDWSA, toured the academy’s various facilities, including the tree plantation project areas, the ranch, the indoor Gem, the Garage of Canoe Kayak and Rowing modern boats.
The governor appreciated the exceptional performance and the significant role played by Hayatullah Khan Durrani in the academy’s success, as well as his contributions to the nation, the athletes, and environmental conservation.

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