Bazm-e-Urdu presents ‘Nairang-e Dastan Goi’

Special Correspondent

DUBAI (UAE): The monthly gatherings of Bazm Urdu have achieved the ninth milestone of their journey and are gaining popularity. The overall concept of Dastaan goi was used to determine the title of this month’s meeting which was “Nairang-e Dastan Goi”,
The art of storytelling is as old as the evolution of language; storytelling has been man’s ancient passion and can be found in practically every nation in some form. When the story’s words reach the ears, vivid images of the past begin to emerge in the eyes.
Farzana Mansoor, who was anchoring the gathering, provided a brief overview of the monthly sessions as well as a full overview of dastan goi and invited Rehan Khan to open the session.
Rehan Khan, General Secretary of Bazm Urdu, who attends every meeting online from Canada, formally opened the meeting. He welcomed the guests and thanked the team for organizing a series of these meetings so that everyone could sit together and chat about Urdu. He expressed his delight at the success of these meetings.
April is the birth month of The Father of Urdu Maulvi Abdul Haq, and Nesbah Agha read a short but detailed article about The Father of Urdu Maulvi Abdul Haq. Maulvi Abdul Haq holds a high position in Urdu literature; one of his accomplishments is the drafting and arrangement of the Dictionary of Urdu Language, which is still considered an authoritative and standard literary reference to this day.
Respected Shadab Ulfat Sahib, a long-time member of Bazm and author of a book, read a detailed and entertaining piece about the evolution of dastan goi and the love of this art and added to the participant’s knowledge. He received an outpouring of congratulations and praise.
Following the article of Shadab Ulfat, the dastan goi session began, with the well-known dastan go from India, respected Syed Sahil Agha Sahib, taking the seat. Dastaan go Syed Sahil Agha has a diverse and impressive personality, with high morals and fine speaking, while also keeping his distinctiveness in comparison with others. According to Syed Sahil Agha, the current condition in Urdu is divided into two categories; there is little doubt that written Urdu is diminishing. However, the scope of spoken Urdu is expanding daily. Storytelling is something that is said or told. That is why it is popular, and its future appears promising.
Three true-to-life stories were told by Sahil Agha. His fascinating narrative style captivated the crowd, particularly the story regarding India’s partition, and astonished those who were listening. The hall rang with applause for a long time at the end of the performance. After the dastan goi session, Ehya-ul-Islam thanked the audience as well as the monthly meeting team and other Bazm Urdu workers who supported in the meeting’s arrangements.
At the end of the meeting, Bazm Urdu Dubai is right in claiming that the series of meetings is successfully moving towards a healthy trend, and the coming audience seemed to be getting closer to Urdu attributable to these meetings.