Beaconhouse and Akhuwat Foundation join hands for a more equitable society

LAHORE: Beaconhouse Group, the country’s largest network of private educational institutions, and Akhuwat Foundation have signed an MoU to leverage their respective strengths and collaborate in their philanthropic efforts which include collectingclothes, toys, and other in-kind donationsfor theless privileged, says a Press release.
Under this MoU, the Beaconhouse Group will assist Akhuwat Foundation by setting up Akhuwat Clothes Banks (ACB) at various Beaconhouse campuses across Pakistan and will encourage its faculty and student body volunteers to actively participate in the foundation’s ongoing efforts and initiatives aimed at serving the less privileged members of society.
As part of the partnership, the BeaconhouseGroup has committed to providing Akhuwat with social support by launching an awareness campaign aimed at familiarising its students with Akhuwat’s diverse charitable initiatives, including Akhuwat Clothes Bank and other poverty alleviation programs. By raising awareness about Akhuwat’s cause, Beaconhouse seeks to inspire its students to become active participants in building a more socially aware and equitable society.
Akhuwat Foundation will reciprocate these efforts by formally endorsing the student volunteers and interns through certificates of participation and holding a mega disbursement event in collaboration with the school.
At the signing of the MOU, Ali Raza, Group Director Beaconhouse said, “This partnership marks the beginning of a significant collaboration between our two organisations, and I am optimistic that it will lead to many more joint endeavors in the future.
“Not only does Akhuwat gain from accessing the physical locations of our schools and volunteers from our student body, but we see this as an opportunity to instill the valuable lessons of compassion and generosity inour students.”
The collaboration between a private organization like the Beaconhouse Group and a nonprofit like Akhuwat Foundation is an excellent example of how the public and private sectors can work together for a common cause. By pooling their resources and expertise, they can make a sustainable impact on society and contribute towards the larger goals of social equity and poverty alleviation.