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Birth anniversary of Shahzada Rehmatullah Durrani observed

Special Report

QUETTA: the 104th Birth Anniversary of Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan Sadozai Durrani was solemnly observed at Sadozai House at Chaman Housing Scheme, Quetta.
Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan (Sadozai) Durrani was born in British India Quetta on October 10, 1919, in the esteemed Sadozai dynasty of Durrani Tribe.
He was the first male of his family to receive formal education in British India. He made significant contributions as a social welfare activist, politician, and a prominent Sadozai Pashtun tribal chief.
Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan also played a key role in the Pakistan Independence Movement, standing with Qazi Muhammad Essa and Abdul Ghafoor Khan Durrani beside Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
He was renowned for his activism and dedication to the welfare of his tribe and the earthquake victims of 1935 in Quetta.
He continued to serve his community and was instrumental in various endeavors, leaving an indelible mark.
Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan Durrani passed away on November 29, 1992, leaving a legacy that continues to inspire and guide generations of his clan.
His descendants, following in his footsteps, have achieved remarkable success and have brought honor to their clan and nation.
The event was attended by members of Pashtun Congress Balochistan, Sadozai Quami Welfare Organization Balochistan and Sadozai tribesmen.
Also present were Principal secretary to Governor Balochistan Hashim Khan Ghalzai, Ex-Senator Saeed-ul-Hassan Mandokhail, Patron Pashtun Congress Malik Abdul Rahim Babai, Anddarh Khilji tribal Chief Abdul Wali Khan, President Chiltan Adventurers Association Syed Agha Faisal, Patron-in-Chief Sadozai Qaumi Welfare Organization Shahzada Hayatullah Khan Durrani (Pride-of-Performance), Nasrulla Khan Durrani, Habibullah Khan Sadozai, Nadir Khan Sadozai, Muhammad Umar Durrani, Asghar Khan Sadozai, Engr. Naseebullah Khan Sadozai, Ashrafuddin Sadozai, Samiullah Khan Sadozai, and National Canoeing Champion Muhammad Abubakar Durrani (the grandson of Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan Durrani).
They paid tribute to their Tribal Chief and vowed to uphold his legacy in true sense.

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