Bishop Sadiq Daniel prays for victims of flood-hit Pakistan

Bishop thanked int’l community for immediate assistance and
prays for quick relief of all of those who suffered in this flood

Bishop Sadiq Daniel prays for victims

TFD Report

KARACHI: Pakistan is facing one of its worst climate-induced natural disasters in years, as record torrential rainfall and suspiciously melting glaciers in the country’s northern mountains have caused devastating floods and submerged almost a third of its territory underwater.
Sindh province produces half of the country’s food supply, exacerbating fears that many will face serious food shortages in a country already struggling with an economic crisis.
Pakistani Christian community is also contributing their sincere part to help flood effected people.
Bishop Sadiq Daniel visited the flood relief center organized by the Christian community in Karachi and inspected the operations. He advised the volunteers to ensure transparent, quick and effective distribution, he also stresses on this catastrophic situation and says “In this terrible situation of our country when the country is taken over by the flooded waters, facing unimaginable and irreparable loss of animals, vehicles, houses and human lives .The situation is terrible and out of control. People are isolated, crying for help while other people on dry lands are helpless to help due to blockades”.
“When all the systems fail and human wisdom and intelligence fails to work, but still there we have a power who can control the situation of our country and that is Power of God. This incredibly terrible situation in which we are caught up, no one but only God can change every disturbed element and restore our country without any cost. God has been pulling us by different worst challenges in the past as well. The only thing is to return to Him, fix our eyes on Him and lift up our hands with faith and pray”.
Among the civil society, media and community members in Karachi, a prayer led by Bishop Sadiq Daniel: “Almighty God! I come before your Throne, and lift up my hands before You to Mercifully look upon our country Pakistan and be Gracious to take away all this trouble from our county. Gracious God! Please fail all the evil powers and unknown elements which are behind all this turmoil. Merciful God! bring peace and restoration in our county because we are weak and helpless in this situation, we beg to lift up all these troubles and this terrible and uncontrollable situation, we Beg before You and seek your Help and Wisdom”. All said ‘Amen’.