Bishop Sadiq Daniel’s message to nation on ID’s Diamond Jubilee

TFD Report

KARACHI: Bishop Sadiq Daniel’s in his message on the occasion of Independence Day’s Diamond Jubilee has said that at this occasion first of all we thank Almighty God for blessing us with a unique and wonderful gift of ownership of an independent country to live with freedom and we are grateful to God’s grace and mercy for keeping the country safe, stable and existing with honour and dignity.
He went on say: “Every year 14th August takes me back to the golden days of my school & college’s sweet memories. During all the 4 years of my college life, i was the only Christian student in my whole class. There was no discrimination at all. All the people used to respect each other, sharing the joys and sorrows together. We enjoyed the flavour of One Nation as per Quaid-i-Azam’s vision and teachings. Religion was personal and private affair of the people. I remember nobody was never killed due to unintentional violation of religious practices. Everyone enjoyed the equal citizenship in a true spirit of living together as brothers & sisters.
“There was no need of introducing any interfaith harmony dialogue. There was strong understanding of deep rooted brotherhood in the Pakistani society. People strongly believed that country comes first.
“I also remember, during 1965 war we used to contribute one least coin towards defence fund each day which was the cost of one tank at that time.
“Now at this glorious occasion when Pakistani nation is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee year of independence, I appeal the Nation to sit together and review the last 75 years and evaluate what we have lost and what we have gained. We should prove our loyalty as true citizens of Pakistan. I myself have tried to prove as a faithful citizen of my country, I have never visited any such country which is not allowed by the State, however Jerusalem is the holiest place for the Christians too and I wish to visit the places where Jesus Christ was born and spent his days of life and preached against so-called religious outfits of that time. I would like to raise this point to the government that the Christians be allowed to visit holy places in Jerusalem.
“No doubt we have reasonable increase in the population but where we stand so far as the resources are concerned. It is a very sad situation indeed that our country has become stagnant. It is not moving rather moving backward. As one Nation celebrating Independence Day on 14th of August and non Muslims celebrate independence on 11th August. Why cannot celebrate together as one nation? Interfaith dialogues and Muslim and non Muslim division has spoiled the flavour and fragrance of oneness.
“We feel that there is no such think tank who can advise the government on policy making for the development of the country and utilisation its resources in a prominent and mature manner, explore new dimension to bring the country in the list of at least top 10 countries of the world. But the present situation is that we keep struggling to come out of the Gray list of different foreign countries.
“Dear people! It is absolutely high time to come out of self-centred attitude and party safeguarding. Let the ‘Country Come First’ should be the priority agenda of the celebration that will make the celebration actually meaningful. Let’s we all say together “Pakistan Zindabad”. slot