BRI, connecting for common destiny

When we say about the future of 21st century, then a lot of questions have been raised in our minds because change is the only factor which is constant in this universe. As we know the previous century was full of political and economic changes.
As far as the Asia continent is concerned there were many wars in this largely populated region. After World War II there were Korea, Vietnam indo-Pak, Gulf, Iran, Iraq, Afghan war and war against terrorism, all these were in Asia continent and the weapons were used in these wars were supplied by western countries at large. If we wish the 21st century should be belong to Asia, and then it’s a huge responsibility on the shoulders of Asian leadership to lead the Asian nations. I believe the Chinese present leadership is the most capable to guide and lead the Asian nations for economic development in the whole region with connecting the other world. As a student of international relations, I analyze the Silk Road economic belt, which is known as the Belt and Road initiative (BRI) is the most modern vision of the leadership of china. The central concept is to create the community of common destiny for mankind.
It’s the most modern and liberal concept to share the economic stability with other nations. To achieve the objectives of the Belt and Road Initiatives which consists of Silk Road Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road, Chinese leadership has developed some major organizations like Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Silk Road Fund, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS as well. I want to mention University Alliance of the Silk Road which is the most important organization for future endeavors.
I believe this vision to share the economic stability with other nations could lead the sustainable development and peace. The Chinese experience to eradicate the poverty from its country at huge level could beneficial for the Silk Road countries.
Right now the central Asian countries have unlimited energy reserves, they need to explore the market, BRI, would create a lot of opportunities for the development of these reserves.
As I mentioned the 20th century’s dilemma where there were wars and the war economy was promoting. Many countries were trying to purchase and develop the fatal weapons for their defense and deterrence for peace, but the BRI concept is to develop the political economy in Silk Road countries which will eliminate the grievances of common people which could be the best deterrence for the peace for any nation.
Although it is the best economic model to achieve the odjectives, financing is being arranged to develop the infrastructure on all corridors. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), central Asia and Indian Ocean is becoming more important day by day.
We all know the Chinese leadership, Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the the Communist Party of China(CPC) Central Committee, which is working as steering committee to achieve the goals and the most important the Secretary General of the (CPC), President XI Jinping is very much awared the present and future challenges to complete the task for next generations.
In my point of view, the media development is also an important task to support the vision and counter the threats in BRI region. I believe, there is a need to create and develop the Silk Road Media Corridor as well.
The BRI vision, could lead the Asia in 21st century but the challenges could be the propaganda against these projects through unfair media outlets by their cyber wings from different countries.
So, it’s the need of the hour to develop the skills of journalist community in Silk Road region to counter the unfair and unethical media reports.
I believe, this dream will come true by connecting the developing nations for their common destiny which would be for sustainable development and peace.
The world is facing the COVID-19 and its side affects but the journey of this vision should not stop.
Although it is a challenge and all hurdles are challenges but connecting for bridging the gaps is important which should not be stopped at any cast, this will lead the dream to come true.

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