Brutal attack on Afghan maternity ward

The number of people who were killed in a militant attack on a maternity ward in the Afghan capital has pushed up to 24.Mothers, newborn babies and nurses were among the targets. At the minimum16 people were injured. Attack in Kabul has given rise to widespread criticism. In another incident that day, a suicide bomber killed at minimum 32 people at a funeral in Nangarhar, in the east of the east of Afghanistan. President Ashraf Ghani has instructed the resumption of offensive operations against the Taliban and other groups. He blamed the militants of taking no notice repeated calls for a limitation in violence. Taliban have denied any complicity. Nineteen babies have been taken to protected area in a children’s hospital in the city but many of their mothers are said to be dead. In total about 100 people were killed in dreadful attacks around Afghanistan The attacks gives the weakness of peace efforts, and have darkened desires for an end to many years of war. Approximately 140 people were in the hospital at the time. The maternity ward in the hospital is administered by the international medical charity Médecins sans Frontières and some of those working there were foreigners. Afghan trained forces rescued about 100 women and children, comprising three foreigners. Three attackers, who gained way were dressed as police officers, were all killed by security forces. In the year 2017, IS gunmen covering as medical staff attacked Kabul’s main military hospital, alerting large scale shock and anger and raising questions about security. The authorities later said 50 people had been killed. Taliban are also known to have attacked hospitals. Past September, 20 people died after a truck packed with explosives was detonated by militants from the group outside a hospital in southern Zabul province.
US accused ISIL responsible for Kabul hospital attack. Envoy appealed Afghans to go on with peace effort with Taliban after government stated that it would resume offensive against group. Coronavirus can all the same be timely for peace in Afghanistan. It was vague whether the declaration would be sufficient to modify a decision by the Kabul government to begin again offensive operations against the group. US Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad blamed ISIL for attacks. The group hostile to any Taliban peace agreement desired to instigate an Iraq-style sectarian war in Afghanistan. He said that Afghans must come together to smash this threat and pursue a landmark peace efforts. A group associated with ISIL claimed responsibility for the Nangarhar bombing. The Taliban denied entanglement in the attacks, but the government accused the group of upbringing a surrounding in which terrorism prosper or of working with other armed groups who could have been entangled. US Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad has judged ISIS-K conducted the horrible attacks on a maternity ward and a funeral earlier in Afghanistan. ISIS has shown a set for encouraging these types of sinister attacks against civilians and is a danger to the Afghan people and to the world. The attacks were other difficulties to US President Donald Trump’s plans to bring peace to Afghanistan and finish America’s longest war. A February 29 US-Taliban understanding reached is for a step by step US troop withdrawal. The Afghan government and Taliban were to release some prisoners by March 10, when talks were to start. There is some disagreement within the Afghan government, which was not a party to the February 29 deal, that the US undermines their backing by negotiating directly with the Taliban. US main focus is to keep the US troop withdrawal plan on path to help Trump win a second term in the presidential election, which begins on November 3. Khalilzad, the main designer of the deal signed Feb. 29, warned that the Islamic Sate associates do not like peace between the Taliban and Afghanistan’s leadership in Kabul and like to encourage sectarian war as in Iraq and Syria. The peace understanding provides for the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan but was also considered Afghanistan best chance at peace in forty years of war. US efforts to get the Taliban to reduce their rampage have also been not successful although their attacks have been against military installations and have not been on US and NATO troops. The withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops began after the deal was signed and will go on until all troops are gone by the finishing of next year.

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