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Bucha City massacre – why is UN reluctant to investigate?

Unless an impartial and independent investigation is not carried out on the matter of killing of the innocent people in Bucha City, the world will never know who is to be blamed for this massacre of innocent people. It is important for the world not only to understand the circumstances that led to this murderous act but also understand the position that both Russia and Ukraine have taken on this matter. What is being brought forward to the lime light through this writing is the consistent position that the Russian government has taken on this matter. Bucha City massacre was orchestrated by powers that needed to support their nefarious designs of painting Russia as an immoral fighting force to accuse it of human rights violations, levy sanctions on it and prepare the world to fight a war against a country that had to be projected as an evil empire. Since United States, NATO and its allies have achieved all these war aims the Bucha City massacre has disappeared from the world headlines and it is in this context that the world must understand how belligerents in the modern warfare use self-orchestrated tragic incidents to twist and turn the world opinion and use it to wage unnecessary wars. United States, NATO and its allies have a history of fighting unnecessary wars based on false information it fed to the world. The classic example of this is its aggression against Iraq on false charges of possessing the weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, it is the moral responsibility of the world not to let go any such matter that needs global attention and investigation and Buchs City massacre is clearly one such matter in an ongoing war that the west has imposed on the world.
Bucha City is a typical case of how modern warfare has become a reason to commit genocide and get away with it. Getting away is through the process of pinning the blame on your opponents. Clashes took place between Ukrainian and Russian forces right at the commencement of special military operations in Feb 2022. However, the Russian forces took the control of the city in early March 2022. Since peace talks in Istanbul were underway and Russians wanted to demonstrate a goodwill gesture, they announced the withdrawal of their forces from the city on 29 March 2022.
Ironically, while the Russian troops occupied the city there was no disruption of communication activity in the city and cellular communication was active and the internet was being used. No resident of the Bucha city recorded or uploaded footage of any actions of the Russian military against the people. Even the Mayor of the city, A. Fedrouk during his speech on 31 March 2022 confirmed this and had nothing to say on the alleged story of the Bucha city residents being shot on the streets by the Russian forces.
The first video footage of the dead people spread around the city went on air after the Ukrainian Armed Forces occupied the city on 1st April 2022. Later the story was picked by the foreign media and it became a global story in which the western propaganda about the human rights atrocities committed by the Russian forces against the people of Bucha City were unleashed. To settle this matter, it was important to conduct a forensic examination of the bodies. On 24 April 2022, British newspaper, The Guardian published the first results of the forensic examination in which it was concluded that the people died not because they were assassinated but were hit by the fragments of artillery shells of 122mm that fit the D-30 Howitzers which are in service with the Ukrainian Artillery. The evidence presented clearly proved the involvement of Ukrainian and not the Russian forces in the killing of the innocent people of Bucha City.
On the Russian side, it took a consistent position that a UN body could investigate the matter. Even Russia requested a special meeting of the UN Security Council on the matter on 4 April 2022 but unfortunately Britain that chaired the Council at that time blocked the Russian initiative. If the special meeting was allowed, Russia would have explained to the world from the global platform that the Bucha massacre was deliberately planned with the sole purpose of effecting a negative influence and disrupting the continuation of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations in Istanbul. This was also done to create a negative image about Russia and paint it as an immoral occupying force to the world so that the west could sell this Russian picture to the world to help it execute the already planned expulsion of the Russian diplomats and imposition of sanctions on Russia.
A special meeting of UN Security Council was however organized on 5 April 2022 and during this meeting most of the members of the security council called for an independent inquiry and investigation of the matter. Sadly, no such investigation has been conducted and even there is no reliable list of the people accused to have been murdered and whose bodies were laid out in the Bucha city. Since last two years Russia has also repeatedly requested the UN to interfere in the matter but to no vail. Russian requests have been forwarded to the UN Secretary General A. Guterres and to the UN Commissioner to Human Rights V.Turk and both organizations have been requested to correctly establish the circumstances that have led to these unfortunate deaths, formulate a credible and official list of the victims and do everything possible to ensure an independent and impartial investigation is carried out on the subject and the truth of the matter made public not only for the families of the victims but for the entire world.

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