Budget 2022-23 has no appreciation and encouragement for overseas Pakistanis

Special Report

KARACHI: A renowned financial expert Dr Hadi Shahid while commenting on the Federal Budget for the financial year 2022-23 has said that the budget has no appreciation and encouragement for overseas Pakistanis contributing major foreign currency inflow since difficult situation is prevailing for the economy of the country a long tern plea for Economic Growth is required with full consensus of all stake holders in and out of Parliament, says a message received here Saturday.
He said the leaders should display simplicity of life both in Gov’t functioning as well as personal lifestyle. Less consumption more saving looking at the future of children, encouraging use of Public transport and adopting the full use of daylights be propagated at Political and Religious leadership levels.
He went on to say that in his view, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet including lawmakers should lead examples of simplicity, reduce use of oil and electricity, establish industries for import substitute and promote foreign direct investment. Efforts should be made in Public and Private Sector for Overseas Manpower Supply, he added.
He further said that efforts to be encourages with guidance for organizing out sourced job order from foreign countries. Govt should have economic think tanks on regional and national basis.
As a nation, he said, “We have become extravagant and brand conscious, this mindset need a change to simplicity low cost less spending and more savings.”

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