By Opposition crying foul!

One wonders as to why the Opposition is crying foul despite no apparent reason to do so. The Opposition parties observed so-called Black Day on 5th of July which marks one year of Imran Khan’s government. The Opposition parties are together on just a single agenda i.e., they would not allow the incumbent government a smooth sailing. For the last one year, these Opposition parties have been calling the elections as rigged and manipulated, but this allegation is nothing new. During the past many elections, the losing parties have not gracefully accepted the results of the general elections, calling for the snap elections after every polls.
The elections of July 25, 2018 were quite free and fair as said by the international observers who were in Pakistan to monitor the general elections. Imran Khan was elected by the popular vote as no other leader carries such charisma as Khan does.
Moreover these leaders who are not very well-educated and come from feudal background acutely suffer from inferiority complex, hence they use improper language against PM Khan to malign his position in the eyes of public. Mariam Nawaz and Bilawal Zardari are crying foul against the elections simply because the fathers of the two are in jail on corruption charges and the entire public acknowledges that both Nawaz and Zardari are not only highly corrupt but are also not faithful to the country. It is alleged that Nawaz works for Indian interest in Pakistan and is against the security institutions. MrZardari reportedly has similar links with the anti-Pakistan elements and has laundered huge amount of moneyillegally into foreign countries. The NAB has all proofs of the illegal transfer of money by Zardari and his cronies.
The gathering of the Opposition parties, therefore, has nothing to do with the welfare of the people. Rather they want Nawaz and Zardari out of jail through public pressure, but the masses are not fools. They know as to why the Opposition parties, all of a sudden, have become friendly. Their purpose is just to save their illegal wealth stashed outside Pakistan in foreign countries.
However, one should accept the fact that cost of living has gone high under the present regime, inflation is all time high which has badly affected the lower and middle class.The Government has been trying to reduce the effects but it would take some time till then people of Pakistan have to be patient as the present state of economy is not good, rather it is struggling to achieve the targets on various indicators.
On the other hand, the Opposition parties have no manifesto or agenda to bring about change in the context of economic well-being of the people rather they are exploiting them to meet their narrow self interest while creating problems for the government so that the good governance efforts are arrested. These Opposition parties especially PML(N) and PPP have ruled the country for more than thirty years, but these two parties could not deliver, all they did was to loot and cheat the nation, hence they are in jail while their friends in Opposition parties have been trying to misguide the people that they are being victimized, which is not a truth rather a total lie.

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