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C.G China highlights notable achievements of CPEC in a Presser

Chinese Consul General Yang Yundong commends a decade
of fruitful cooperation, appreciates the CPEC’s Second Phase

Manzar Naqvi

KARACHI: In a momentous Press conference held today, Yang Yundong, the Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Karachi, lauded the decade-long journey of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and highlighted plans for its promising second phase. Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Consulate Karachi Yang Guangyuan was also accompanied with the CG at the Press Conference. The event was attended of esteemed media representatives, reflecting the significance of the occasion.
Yang expressed his heartfelt pleasure to address the gathering and extended gratitude to the media fraternity for their presence. He commenced by highlighting the recent 10th-anniversary celebrations of CPEC in Islamabad, marked by a congratulatory message from Chinese President Xi Jinping.
The message emphasised that the bilateral efforts under CPEC had thrived through extensive consultation, joint contributions, and shared benefits, leading to early successes that bolstered Pakistan’s economic and social advancement. The Consul General underlined the profundity of this endeavor in strengthening the enduring China-Pakistan friendship.
Emphasising the far-reaching achievements of CPEC over the past decade, Yundong on this occasion informed staggering statistics. A total of 36 projects have been completed or are underway, resulting in direct investments of USD 25.4 billion, cumulative revenue of $17.55 billion, and tax payments amounting to $2.12 billion. The corridor has generated 236,000 job opportunities and facilitated significant improvements such as the addition of 8,000 megawatts of electricity, 510 kilometers of highways, and 886 kilometers of national core transmission lines.
Yang went on to describe the rapid progress at Gwadar Port, the jewel of CPEC, which has transformed from a fishing village into a bustling strategic hub with fully operational multi-purpose berths, a thriving expressway, vocational training institutions, and upcoming projects like the Gwadar New International Airport and China-Pakistan Friendship Hospital.
Energy cooperation stood out as one of the flagship areas of CPEC, with 14 projects contributing significantly to Pakistan’s energy landscape, including coal-fired power plants, hydropower, solar, and wind energy projects. The Consul General commended the collective efforts behind these initiatives, which have greatly alleviated Pakistan’s power shortages and brought about sustainable energy solutions.
Yundong Yang also appreciated the substantial advancements in infrastructure development, including transformative projects like the Sukkur-Multan motorway and Lahore Orange Line Metro. These projects have not only improved connectivity but also unlocked the potential for regional development.
Industrial cooperation, investment, and trade have flourished under CPEC, driving multi-field collaborations and boosting Pakistan’s independent capabilities. The Rashakai and Dhabeji Special Economic Zones were highlighted as centers of industrial growth, offering a solid foundation for Pakistan’s industrialization journey.
The Consul General further highlighted the deepening of people-to-people ties as over 20,000 Chinese individuals participated in CPEC’s construction, while more than 30,000 Pakistani students currently study in China. Initiatives like school building projects and scholarships have further solidified the ‘ironclad’ friendship between the two nations.
At the end, Yundong expressed heartfelt appreciation for all those who contributed to CPEC’s success, including touching stories of sacrifice and dedication. He lauded the commencement of CPEC’s second phase, aiming for high-quality development and setting the stage for an even brighter decade ahead. Yang’s closing words echoed a message of unity and prosperity, wishing all Pakistanis a Happy Independence Day and reaffirming the enduring friendship between China and Pakistan.

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