International Mushaira at National Press Club

The literary and cultural organization “Ishara International” organized Fourth Annual International Mushaira in connection with the Jashan-e-Baharan celebrations at National Press Club Islamabad. Renowned local and foreign poets, literary figures, intelligentsia, columnists, and political and social personalities participated in the Mushaira in a large number. The Musharia that was hosted by Shahbaz Chauhan was presided over by Dr. Nazeer Tabassum. Dr. Kanwal Feroze and Shahida Latif conducted the proceedings.
Chairman “Ishara International” Junaid Azad, President Ali Yasir , Vice President Athar Zia and General Secretary Shahbaz Chauhan in their address on the occasion said that objective of their literary organization is to keep the Pakistani poets here and abroad on a single platform, keep our traditions alive, and give the message of peace to the whole world.
Those who presented their work at the Mushaira are: Adviser to President of Pakistan Farooq Adil, social activist Ms. Rashida Sohail, Ali Akbar Abbas, Yasmin Sahar (from America), Anwar Jamal Farooqui (from Britain), Naeem Haider (from Britain), Jamil Qamar (from Canada), Arshad Saeed (from Australia) Badar Seemab (from Kuwait), Abdul Salam Asim (from Abu Dhabi) and many others.

Dawah Book Fair kicks-off

A six day-long 9th annual book fair was inaugurated at the Dawah Academy of the International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI). Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri, Director General of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) along with IIUI President, Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh performed the opening ceremony.
As many as 50 renowned publishers from across the country have set their book stalls in Dawah Book Fair which will continue till April16 and books are being sold at 50 per cent discounted rates. Inaugural ceremony was also attended by Director Dawah Academy Dr. Sohail Hassan and other high-ups of university and academy.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Al-Draiweesh said that IIUI would keep working to educate young minds of Ummah according to the Islamic values. He lauded the organizers of the book fair and hoped that this tradition will continue. He said that such activities are necessary for creating awareness about knowledge in the society.

Muzakra on ‘Dying Folk Festivals of Punjab’ at Lok Virsa

National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage of Lok Virsa organized a special ‘Muzakra’ session on “Dying Folk Festivals of Punjab” at Faiz Heritage Library of Lok Virsa during the week. Speakers including renowned social activist, writer and poet Ahmed Salim, writer and poet Iqbal Qaiser and PhD in Punjabi, a translator, columnist Kalyan Singh Kalyan highlighted various aspects of dying folk festivals of Punjab province.
They said Punjab is a land of fertile plains. It has a very vibrant and colourful culture. Every region in Punjab has its own distinct culture, traditional costumes and rituals connected with festivities, marriages, birth, funeral and harvesting. Apart from a great number of traditional festivals, fairs, games and other cultural traditions, Pehalwani and Basant are the two most important cultural activities that have popularized the Pakistan throughout the world.

Society advised to empower women at lower level

The Women Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan organized a ceremony in connection with the International Day of Women during the week. Ms Marriyum Aurangzeb, Minister of State Information and Broadcasting was the chief guest. In her address on the occasion, she said that the women who were playing an active role in the empowered society must make efforts to bring forward the women from the backward areas.
She said that the women also had representation in the parliament where there were 17% reserved seats for women besides 5% quota on general seats which was also supplementing the efforts to empower women. She said that the first phase of empowering the women began at homes and sending girls to schools along with the male children should be the first priority. Marriyum said that there was imperative need for collective efforts by the society to empower the women at the lower level. She said that the subjects pertaining to women empowerment should be included in the curricula of the primary schools. She informed the audience the PTV Sports channel had launched a programme on women sports to highlight their participation in the sports for the first time adding that media could play a vital role for the rights of women.
Marriyum said that the syllabus of schools should also include subjects on status and importance of women in the society so that the children become part of the endeavours to empower women when they grow up. She said that in addition to that subjects on climate change, environment and other important social issues should also be part of the syllabus so that necessary awareness could be created at the lower level.