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CFFEX Chief Representative in Pakistan and PSX Director call on the Finance Minister

ISLAMABAD: The Finance Minister, Muhammad Aurangzeb on Thursday held a meeting with You Hang, the Chief Representative of China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX) in Pakistan, and Director of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).
The meeting focused on enhancing cooperation and exploring new opportunities for strengthening Pakistan’s financial markets and investment landscape.
During the meeting, Finance Minister Aurangzeb and Chief Representative Hang engaged in detailed discussions on various aspects of financial market development, including the potential for collaboration between CFFEX and PSX to promote innovative financial instruments in Pakistan.
The Finance Minister highlighted the government’s commitment to implementing reforms aimed at improving the regulatory framework, enhancing market transparency, and facilitating the development of a vibrant and resilient financial sector in Pakistan.
He also emphasized the role of strategic partnerships with international financial institutions and exchanges, such as CFFEX, in achieving these objectives and advancing the country’s financial market infrastructure.
Chief Representative Hang expressed CFFEX’s keen interest in collaborating with PSX and other stakeholders to explore opportunities for launching new financial products, sharing technical expertise, and promoting cross-border investment between China and Pakistan.
He reaffirmed CFFEX’s commitment to supporting the development of Pakistan’s financial markets and contributing to the country’s economic prosperity.
In the end, PSX also extended an invitation to the Federal Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb to participate in upcoming financial sector events and visit key financial institutions in Pakistan to have an overview of the financial market dynamics and regulatory environment.
The meeting concluded with both parties agreeing to further explore potential areas of cooperation, facilitate knowledge exchange, and develop actionable strategies to strengthen Pakistan’s financial markets. – APP