Chai Shai Café hosts a dinner for the Bazm-e-Urdu team

Special Correspondent

AJMAN (UAE): Ajman’s Chai Shai Cafe hosted a dinner in honor of Bazm-e-Urdu Dubai’s team and the entire cast of the play “Akbar, the great nahi rahay,” which was going to be staged on May 7, 2023 at Sharjah Expo.
This play is being presented by Bazm-e-Urdu Dubai in collaboration with Sharjah Book Authority and it is a part of Sharjah’s Annual Children Reading Festival, a Sharjah Book Authority’s initiative.
SCRF is an annual family-friendly festival aimed at fostering a love of reading in children of all ages.
To elaborate, this comic on Akbar’s greatness introduces us to a “special area” in the other world “Greater Heaven” meant for kings and emperors whose people call them “the great.” It is discovered that the people of his country no longer give the title of “greatness” to Akbar. This forces Akbar to vacate the ‘Greater Heaven’ and go back to earth to reclaim his title.
On his return, Akbar meets different people, and during this meeting process, the audience goes through a roller coaster of dramatic comedy.
The play is scripted by Mrinal Mather and directed by Sayeed Alam, who was also there for this meet-and-greet.
Ahmad Shah, a young celebrity from Pakistan, is taking part in this play, was also presented.
Famous Dastan Go Syed Sahil Agha also graced the occasion with his presence.
The guests took pleasure the delicious meal band a live performance by an aspiring artist.
Bazm-e-Urdu Dubai thanked Dr. Noor Us Saba, the owner of Chai Shai, for her hospitality and extended the invitation to all present to attend the performance.