Chai Shai hosts Iftar in honor of journalists and community and ladies

Staff Correspondent

AJMAN (UAE): In this blessed month, everyone wants to share in the bounties of Ramadan as they pass by. The Chai Shai café in Ajman similarly hosted an Iftar feast in honor of the journalists and several ladies who actively participate in social and cultural events in United Arab Emirates.
The Chai Shai Café is renowned for its truck art-inspired ambiance and is exquisitely decorated with showpieces that depict Pakistani countryside life. Additionally, the Sheesha Café and its cuisine are also very well-known.
At 6:30 p.m., Dr. Noor Us Saba and Sarosh Ahmad, the proprietors of Chai Shai, greeted the visitors. On the tables where the iftar was served, guests devoured scrumptious pakoras and the customary laal Sharbat, Rooh Afza. Dinner was served following a brief welcome address and thank you note.
Such iftar dinners are quite popular in the UAE, but Chai Shai is constantly engaged in community-related activities and is seen enthusiastically celebrating many traditional and cultural events. They also cover the popular cricket matches that are broadcast live to the Indian and Pakistani communities.
A picture session and guest interviews followed the dinner to wrap things up. Throughout the ceremony, the visitors’ names were also highlighted on a screen, showing the hosts’ admiration and appreciation for them.
Among the guests there were Khalid Hussain Chauhdary President Pakistan Social center Sharjah, Khalid Malik president PFUJ UAE, Sajjad Khan, Kashan Taseel, Moeen Samdani, Ejaz Gondal, Hafiz Abdul Rauf, Arshad Rana, Amjad, Farzana Mansoor, Sarwat Zahra and Zubaidah Khanum from WOW group, Samina Nasir, Majida Khanum, Farah Abdul Rauf.