Chairman FBR holds E-Kutcheri in FBR HQ

Raza Kazmi

ISLAMABAD: As a sequel to E-Kutcheries held on monthly basis to comply with the directions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)/Secretary Revenue Division, Asim Ahmad held an E-Kutchery at FBR HQ on Friday to listen to the complaints and issues of taxpayers. The complainants interacted directly with the Chairman FBR.
Chairman FBR listened to the complaints of the taxpayers and issued on spot directions for resolution of complaints. Chairman FBR appreciated the suggestions put forth by the taxpayers and assured them that their comments and suggestions would be considered for formulation of tax policies or initiating facilitative measures for taxpayers. Chairman assured that FBR was taking all possible steps to facilitate the taxpayers. He also requested the taxpayers to visit their nearest RTO and Collectorate for redressal of any problem confronted by them.
Chairman FBR has already strictly instructed all the field offices to resolve all outstanding issues of taxpayers.
Meanwhile, in line with the vision of Prime Minister of Pakistan for promoting Taxation culture in the country, a special signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) was held on Friday at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.
The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Vice Chancellor, Quaid-i-Azam University Dr. Muhammad Ali Shah and Chief FATE, FBR Tehmina Aamer.
MoU is aimed to promote tax culture & tax awareness to the students of Quaid-i-Azam University. It shall serve to foster positive taxation culture and awareness among students and teachers through different sets of activities, skills and experiential learning for making them responsible citizens.
The training sessions will inculcate among students the significance of paying taxes and how to act the role of identifying tax evasion and reporting to the concerned tax authorities. Federal Board of Revenue will educate and train students and teachers through taxation syllabus, training sessions and seminars. According to signed MoU, Quaid-i-Azam University will provide access to FBR for conduct of training and awareness activities in all the campuses of the university. This MoU will be applicable for three years.
On the occasion, Vice Chancellor, Quaid-i-Azam University Dr. Muhammad Ali Shah thanked FBR for introducing this idea of promoting tax culture among youth of the country. He expressed that the training sessions would enlighten the students about the necessity of tax payment which would make them tax compliant citizens.
FBR has decided to launch countrywide awareness sessions through seminars and training sessions to promote tax culture which will help to increase the number of taxpayers and revenue for the country. The ceremony was also attended by Alam Zaib Khan, Secretary FATE, Rashid Javed Rana, Secretary FATE and Adnan Akram Bajwa, Secretary PR, FBR.
Meanwhile, on the directives of Directorate General of Anti-Benami Initiative, Islamabad, three Benami Zones at Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi have started awareness campaign with various business chambers of the country.
As part of the drive, Commissioner Benami Zone, Islamabad along with his team members consisting of Deputy Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner conducted meetings with Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Islamabad Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
During the presentation, the chamber members were informed that the major motive behind Benami Transactions are to evade taxes, hide proceeds of crime, defraud creditors/banks/financial institutions, avoid departmental probe and scrutiny of regulators, avoid certain political and social risks, and bypass land reforms. To check these practices Benami law has been introduced in the country.
Practical examples of the Benami Transactions include land acquisition by public office holders/other shadow investors through front men in real estate projects. In other cases, vehicles and land have been registered in the name of employees, servants, relatives etc. Moreover, Benami bank accounts opened by businesses in the name of employees for avoiding tax scrutiny and parking of untaxed/illegal/laundered money in purchase of assets through shell companies.
The meeting also covered aspects of whistle blowers who are main source of information to catch benami transactions. It was informed during the session that the government has announced reward for informers of benami transactions. Presentations were made by Benami Zone Islamabad which was followed by question-and-answer session.
Following the Benami Law presentation, intelligence and investigation wing of FBR at Peshawar and Islamabad also made presentation on anti-money laundering Act 2010.
As part of drive for awareness, a similar kind of meeting will be held on 16 August, 2021 with the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Meanwhile, in a drive against unregistered persons who are liable to be registered and are required to pay due sales tax on their taxable supplies under the Sales Tax Act, 1990, the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation-Inland Revenue, Lahore conducted proceedings under Section 38 and 40 of the Sales Tax Act, 1990 against an unregistered unit manufacturing plastic products (Plastic Footwear) in Lahore.
The said unit was engaged in manufacturing and making taxable supplies of plastic products (Plastic Footwear) etc. while consuming huge quantity of electricity. The taxpayer was involved in the evasion of sales tax by way of manufacturing and supplying Plastic Products (Plastic Footwear) without obtaining sales tax registration and paying due sales tax on taxable supplies so made.
During the search, substantial record was impounded which is under scrutiny and further investigation in this regard is underway. The Directorate General Intelligence and Investigation-Inland Revenue shall continue such operations in order to detect tax fraud and to stop leakage of revenue.

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