Challenges for President Biden

Finally, on 20th January the newly elected president Biden has been sworn-in. Before his oath it was apprehended that the Trump might lead to the coup d’état or declare an emergency in the country. Tactfully, Trump spread such kind of rumor in and around the country, but at the end of his tenure as a president of the United States he silently left the White House and nipped in the bud all the rumors that were swirling.
Taking into consideration such an ambition of the Trump, 25000 national guards were deployed to look after the securityconditions at the time of swearing-in ceremony of the president-elect Joe Biden. Besides, similar arrangements of the security were made in the rest of the states of the country. The journalist fraternity from Washington revealed that such a high security arrangement in the world’s most power capital had never been seen in the history of America. It was reflecting a war like condition in the country.
After taking an oath of his office, President Biden in his address chose such words which sound like an address of the prime minister or president from the backward country, but not a president of the America. Broken heart with the woes, plights, and sufferings of the people of America were his main theme to address, as if a new president or dictator was addressing after taking his role in the government.
Additionally, Biden did not show any kind of grand strategy to lead the world, championing America, assisting the developing countries in the time of economic crunch, and helping the world community to curb the devastating impact of the corona virus pandemic. All his address was roaming around to eliminate the gap between the rich and the poor in economic terms and much worried about the politically divided people of the America. He declared such division as white supremacy; it is a kind civil war in America that he pledged to eliminate as soon as possible.
Soon after taking his responsibility, Biden announced 19 trillion dollars to heal the nation which remained under economic stress, especially the poor and salaried class. He also highlighted in his address the increasing white ethnocentrism in the country which is gigantic threat to the lives of the colored people, and pledged to eliminate that white extremism in the country in order to make America a real democratic state which we owe from our constitution. In his concluding remarks, President Biden calls on the world community that we have to fight an invisible enemy like the coronavirus pandemic, but not declared any economic package or policy measures to tackle this biological monster.
On one hand, President Biden was apprehensive to resolve the domestic troubles and challenges whilehe declared China a bigger threat and an unavoidable challenge for America, on the other. It looks, as if he has a grand strategy to tackle the rising influence of the China which potentially threatens American strategic and economic prowess.
What sort of measures he keeps at his deposal to neutralize the emerging challenge of China, it is not yet clear? But, in the coming days it will become crystal clear. At what extent, Biden considers China a serious challenge can be determined from his Defense nomineeGeneral Austin remarks in front of the committee of the Senate where he named China a mammoth challenge for America and in reality, America’s competition is with her. He again mentioned that our administration will take some significant steps about China.
Conversely, former foreign secretary, having a lot of experience in foreign relation, Henry Kissinger in his latest article categorically chalked out that it is a need of an hour that America need not to go for any kind of war with China, but at the same time establish its economic and trade relations, and in this regard a new administration devised its strategy and planned its home work.
There is a clear-cut difference in viewpoint and outlook between the former and incumbent president about the issues and challenges of America are concerned. Former views to establish the white supremacy is a bigger challenge. However, the incumbent president looks at it very differently. He views a domestic political division, racial segregation, economic stagnation and cultural discrimination as the most daunting challenge that America has been facing today. But at the same time, China is also a potential challenge for him. It is the matter of the time, how the President Biden opt to tackle all this besides his European allies, specifically Britain after its exit from the European Union; it needs the crucial role of America to make it more powerful after Brexit.
Apart from that, America is also worried to keep intact the unity in European union organization as well as NATO – a military alliance. A bloody war in the Middle East underAmerica’s certification is also a huge challenge that is taking a heavy toll of American economy. Although, Iran is also a myriad challenge besides it is willing to withdraw completely from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Similarly, establishing a good relation with Pakistan and India is a need of an hour; because Pakistan is playing a very crucial and vital role to assist America in order to talk with Taliban and on some other issues in the region. Besides, India is the biggest market as well as an economy of the globe that makes it significant for America.
Summing up, a new administration in America under Joe Biden is exhaustively trapped to handle the challenges abroad, and need to take pragmatic and stringent measures to handle the domestic challenges, for that he already pleaded to sort out on priority basis. Whatever the steps and policy measures are in this regard, it is vividly clear like the ‘moon of fourteen’ that if America is not going to introduce fundamental changes and taking revolutionary measures then it would become impossible to safeguard his dictatorial interest all over the globe as well as to come out of economic stagnation induced by global pandemic.

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