Challenging Israel

The world kept watching Israel’s brutal action against unarmed Palestinians who were resisting against unlawful illegal orders of Israel to vacate their homes on land claimed by Jewish settlers in the Shaikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Eastern Jerusalem. Palestinians strongly reacted to their forced eviction and had staged sit ins to thwart the attempts of Israel authorities. Israeli military equipped with most modern weapons attacked Palestinians and resorted to all type of firings except live shooting and wounding people in hundreds beside making huge arrests.
Tens of thousands had collected in Al Aqsa mosque to attend last Friday prayers when Israeli security forces entered mosque with shoes on and attacked the people offering prayers , as a result more than 200 worshippers got wounded inside and outside the mosque when police fired rubber coated metal bullets , tear gas and sten grenades. This attack was in great violation of UN charter. According to UN any forced eviction falls under War Crimes. East Jerusalem remains part of occupied Palestinian territory and no one can evict them it falls under human rights violation
Every where in the world agitation and protests are being staged in support of Palestinians against naked aggression by Israel. It was very disgusting to note that Joe Biden openly supported Israel where as it needed strong condemnation by US. By now this should be very clear to Muslims all over the world be it Republicans or Democrats their policy on Israel never changes. UN as usual in deep slumber and not at all pushed to stop Israel security forces to stop massacre of unarmed Palestinians. UNSC meeting held on Sunday was joke of the year. In seven days indiscriminate attack on Gaza killed 200 people including 50 children, besides thousands wounded.750 houses, 76 flats and 63 government buildings were destroyed According to Israel’s official statement only 7 Israeli have been killed. In such like situation it is not difficult to identify the aggressor. Muslim countries are mostly quiet so is OIC, condemnation by OIC means nothing, they have now to take practical steps. Israel action is against humanity, against Muslims attracts provisions of human rights violations. This is open act of barbarism against unarmed peaceful people of Palestine. Palestinians are appealing to Muslim countries to come forward and help them from wanton attacks by Israel and stop their aggression but response as usual has been most disappointing .The controversial Prime Minister Netanyahu facing corruption charges continues to rule Israel through the courtesy of Supreme Court and enjoys complete support of US and UN. Poor Palestinians are being shot and UN instead asking Israel to immediately stop operation against Palestinians UNSC decided to meet after 3 days on Sunday to discuss Israel Palestinians conflict. As expected it ended up in failure and Isareli Prime Minister has the audacity to make statement that attacks will continue. In these columns it was suggested that formation of UN and its existence with Veto powers can never reach to any just solution specially for Muslim states. As anticipated the UN Security Council’s open debate on the current tension between Israel and Palestine ended with no concrete outcome. The permanent representative of Israel to UN blamed Hamas for the violence a blatant lie
Question arises what about the people killed? What about children who lost their lives? What about people got wounded, buildings blown including building housing many media houses. People living in Gaza and West Bank are very peaceful and enjoy no outside support from any country except lip service, if anyone tries to speak in favour of Palestinians US is there to Veto it. Why go far off we have seen in 2020 Israel signed agreement establishing diplomatic relations with Bahrain, UAE, Sudan and Morocco. None of them hardly condemned Israel in strongest terms. On one hand UN charter terms Israel forced eviction as war crime but when it comes to take action and support resolution turn their eyes against Palestinians. Many countries have condemned Israel aggression against Palestinians that include Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Russia, Egypt, Kuwait and Pakistan. But this is not enough as long as long arm of Israel is not controlled and practically action is not taken bloodshed will continue. Resolutions, protests, strikes, condemnation, injustices, brutal killings has not been able to stop killing of Palestinians including death of small children women and aged people due to air strikes. Muslim countries looks not pushed at all. What prevented them to temporarily break the diplomatic relations? This can only be explained by them.
Lastly statement of US Secretary of State that Israel is exercising its right of self defence against Hamas rocket attacks is greatest lie of the century. It is strange that Hamas rockets in thousands fired by Hamas as claimed by Israel there have been only seven casualties is hyperbole.
Let this be stated categorically that Israel is not exercising the right to defend itself.It is carrying out well planned mass murder, fully aided and supported by the US.Israel is creation of US created by terrorism and expands by terrorism. It has become their culture and national politics. What is terrorism? It is the use of force to terrorise people to gain political advantage. To achieve this Israel needs weapons to complete agenda, he has both through the courtesy of US. So what is the solution? Solution does not lie in holding UN General Assembly Session on 20 May. It will be second failure in succession because out of 194 states 164 has diplomatic relations with Israel that includes 57 Islamic countries. Time for Islamic countries to wake up before each one of them loses its entity. The combined response of the Muslim world at this stage should be diplomatic which entails giving up in the diplomatic relations and friendship agreements and also calling back their ambassadors and asking the Israeli ambassadors to leave. If we cannot unite diplomatically how can we militarily?

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