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Chaman peaceful protest and passport issue on Durand Line

Chaman district is an area with a living history of 120 years. Historical ideals of different eras have passed here at different times. The people of Gadagri look with extreme contempt because the big and small here like their forefathers earn by hard work and hardships and eat freely. Historically, such a worst situation has never happened in Chaman region.
For example, for three months continuously, the poor people of Chaman have been sitting on a peaceful protest and are begging the government of the time to resolve their legitimate demands. Now these 80 percent of people have been forcibly deprived of their means of livelihood. The worst situation is that many children have died due to hunger and lack of food. Many people have committed suicide many times.
It is regrettable that the Pak-Afghan border was a source of livelihood for the people of Chaman district since the policy of applying passports at the border was announced.
Establishment for the people of 70 years. Bureaucrats and political representatives have not played any practical role for education, health, peace, employment, gas and electricity so that the poor people can benefit. And now he has also deprived of his earnings, which is the worst injustice in history. When Allah Ta’ala has modified the Quranic verses for the ease of His servants, and the Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) in his words of the blessed hadith of humanity. If amendments have been made for lives, is it impossible to amend a human law for the convenience of other human beings, which is a tragedy and a question mark?
For this reason, the people of Chaman have been protesting peacefully for three months, demanding that the poor people of Chaman district should not be deprived of their two-day bread by providing employment. The employment of thousands of people of Chaman is connected without it, the poor people of Chaman district will be forced to migrate or riot.
There is no other way to solve it. An agreement was reached with the Afghan President Amir Abdul Rehman, but it was not completed until now, which is still unresolved. When Zahir Shah became the President of Afghanistan 14 years before the formation of Pakistan, this problem was to be resolved while Pakistan and India were divided.
Unfortunately, the Afghan President Zahir Shah did not play a key role in this regard and this area became part of Pakistan, which has now become controversial at an international and central level. It has been 130 years since 1893, but that basic conspiracy and greed of the British. After that, when the United States occupied Afghanistan and broke the agreement of the British era, during the reign of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, an agreement was reached between Pakistan, America and Afghanistan in which the three had different goals.
The United States declared the dispute between the Pashtun nations legal by sealing the conspiratorial agreement of the time of their ancestors without confirmation. Pakistan is also interested in this issue. After completing the purpose of fencing, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani did not give any resistance in this regard, but when the Taliban government came to Afghanistan, there were many times of resistance between Pakistan and the Afghan Taliban.
Now there is a peaceful protest in Chaman and the people want a clear stand by fencing 26 kilometers from Pakistan. Because America is trying to start a war in this region again. When Pakistan built the fence, it had made an agreement with the poor people of Chaman to build gates at many places, like Punjab had promised to the people on Narwal, but like there, Pakistan also put up gates here, which are still locked, the poor people of Chaman. People did not learn lessons from Punjab and Narwal and fell into deception. Pakistan has built gates on several kilometers apart from the Afghan chapter of friendship, but the poor people were disappointed by the policy and they were forced to protest but Punjab and India. The gate is also closed in between. By digging a trench and later putting up a fence, Pakistan’s position is to promote legal trade by making friendship an international border, but in this way, the people of Qila Abdullah district and Chaman district are denied passports.
Due to the system, 80% will lose their land and relatives, which is a serious challenge because the poor people of these two districts are at risk of being completely deprived of their ancestral lands and relatives due to the passport and Ouiza system. It is absolutely impossible for passports and visas. In this regard, the tribes here are completely against passports. There is a danger that only the people of these two districts will be affected by this serious threat. It will make it possible to prevent this cruelty with the people.
The public demand is also that the government should amend the law in this way. Besides, looking at the border patterns between other countries, they should adopt such that the people of both countries are benefited. Like 3500 Sikh community in Kartapur daily come to their place of worship without passports and luggage, there are many ways to solve the problem if the government amends it. But the poor people of Chaman are angry every day.
It is going to happen that no one has resolved the legitimate demands of the poor people in three months. The people here were already deprived of all the facilities of life. The poor people are trapped in more severe problems and problems. The government of the time has not considered playing any practical role, which is considered to be a conspiracy to push the peaceful protest to further unrest. But the poor people of Chaman.
In the intensity of grief and anger, Allama Hafiz Mohammad Yusuf, the son of martyr Allama Abdul Ghani, the successor of the central leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, and the public servant Allama Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf, has tried day and night to save him from unrest on the occasion, and he always appeared in the protest field, the poor and helpless.
Addressing the people in the light of Islamic teachings, he gave a reassuring address, which is a positive step forward in the welfare of the region, which will become a part of history. Besides, this historical and peaceful protest (Parlat) of Chaman district was supported by Pashtun Khawa Milli Awami Party.
Chairman Mehmood Khan Achakzai, Jamaat-e-Islami Senator Mushtaq Ahmad, Provincial President of Awami National Party, Sardar Asghar Khan Achakzai, Leader of Nusrat Qaum, Captain R. Abdul Khaliq Khan Achakzai, Chief of Malayzai Nation, Khudai Mir Khan, Former Senator of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, Hafiz Hamdullah, Martyr of Islam, Hazrat. Maulana Muhammad Hanif’s successor, Hazrat Maulana Mufti Muhammad Qasim, tribal leader Haji Bahram Khan Achakzai, doctors, lawyers, journalist community, minority community, political, social, tribal and other sectors of life, all took their turn in this historic and peaceful protest.
Despite the participation and efforts of all of them, the government has not yet announced the final decision. Looking at the silence of the government and the problems of the poor and helpless people of Chaman district, he said that until the passports on the Pak-Afghan border.
Owaiza amends the policy until then, the emirs and businessmen of Chaman and Qila Abdullah district are appealed to protest i.e. (Parlat) and cooperate with the poor. Businessmen should continue to cooperate with their poor in this most difficult situation. It is hoped that the peaceful protest of the poor people of Chaman for many months will definitely bring color, In Sha Allah.