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Chase Value opens its Head Office and new outlet in the Korangi Industrial Area

KARACHI: Chase Value, a leading retail store in Pakistan, proudly announces the grand inauguration of its new outlet in Korangi Industrial Area. The momentous ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of caretaker Sindh Home Minister Brig (Retd) Haris Nawaz as the chief guest, along with other dignitaries, media representatives, and esteemed guests, says a Press release.
Established in 2009, Chase Value has been committed to providing high-quality fashion and lifestyle products at wholesale prices, catering to the diverse needs of the people of Pakistan. What started as a humble two-floor outlet on Khalid Bin Waleed Road has now blossomed into a network of branches across the country, symbolizing the brand’s unwavering dedication and success in the retail industry.
During the grand inauguration of Head Office and Outlook, the Chief Guest, caretaker Sindh Home Minister Brig (Retd) Haris Nawaz, expressed his admiration for Chase Value, emphasizing the company’s role in restoring Pakistan’s splendor and attracting investments from around the world. He commended the management for their contribution to the country’s economy and acknowledged Chase Value as an unparalleled retail store in Pakistan.
In the Pakistani economy, it is crucial to have businesses that consistently offer high-quality products at wholesale prices to the public. Chase Value is one such retail store that meets the fashion and lifestyle needs of the people at wholesale prices, Umar Farooq, CEO of Chase Value, said.
Umar Farooq, delivered an inspiring speech, reflecting on the brand’s journey and the realization of the dream to provide quality products at wholesale prices to the people of Pakistan. He highlighted the diverse range of offerings available at Chase Value outlets, including clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, crockery sets, and more, all of which are accessible at affordable wholesale rates.
Furthermore, Farooq expressed gratitude towards the dedicated employees of Chase Value, emphasizing their pivotal role in the brand’s success. He reiterated the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation for the employees, citing the annual awards as a means to energize and motivate the workforce.
The event was attended by notable personalities of Karachi, media representatives, and, esteemed guests, signifying the significance of Chase Value’s expansion and its impact on Pakistan’s retail landscape.
With the inauguration of the new outlet in Korangi Industrial Area, Chase Value reaffirms its commitment to providing high-quality products at wholesale prices and looks forward to continuing its legacy of excellence in the retail industry.