China 2020

The year 2019 was important & eventful year for People’s Republic of China, wherein Chinese President His Excellency Mr. Xi Jinping successfully gear up its BRI initiative across the globe and signed number of trade & business development agreements with different countries and played its vital role for enhancement of economic development activities through various initiatives to flourish social prosperity and to avoid the war and its horrific affects. China avoided trade war with US rather behaved like a peace loving country and hence shown its political maturity to the world.
China has set 2020 goals well in time starting from a planned move to further actively consolidate on second phase implementation of BRI and to contact partner nations to enjoy the fruits of prosperity.Apart from being connected with Russia through railway link on route to Europe is an important part of BRI however, China peacefully play its due role in development of trade & commercial activities by avoiding conflicts in the region.
China is the only leading country of the world which can play its role in re-construction of war affected countries like Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Libya. Since USA and its allies have played important roles in initiating wars in these countries therefore, China would like to take the responsibility to initiate trade activities in these war torn countries through BRI so as to bring alternative peace and prosperity in these regions of the world.
His Excellency Mr. Xi Jinping also initiates a plan to further develop Macao like Hong Kong.Recentlyon the 20th Anniversary of Macao return to Motherland, he not only visited the area but also announced a multi-purpose development plan to bring Macao at par with Hong Kong and other developed areas of China.Thisin-time initiative of Chinese visionary leadership will make Macao as the new Hong Kong of Asia. Businesscommunity across the globe has started looking for suitable areas for their prospective businesses in newly emerging coastal area.
President Xi Jinping announced Macao as second Hong Kong with various economic prosperity initiatives. These initiatives will bring new life in Macao’s daily life with new colors.
China is seriously working to further develop Artificial Intelligence System (AIS). The export of AIS to other countries also ranked China higher than others. Middle Eastern Countries are new hub for AIS development activities thus increasing the role of China in the region as well.
Visionary Chinese President intends to take his country to new heights by starting new phase of close friendly and mutually beneficial relationship with Japan & South Korea.Thisinitiative will help China in a great manner as recent successful interaction among China, Japan & Korean leadership was considered to be a good start in right direction for a noble cause.
If North Korea also joins this serious political move, then the USA will be deprived of its hegemony in South East Asian region and China will successfully replace US.
In2020, China has plans to further enhance its technological reach out not only in the neighboring countries but rest of the world through migration from 5G to 7G technology so as to bring the world more closer.
In 2020, China will further emphasize on poverty alleviation and plans to be poverty free country in the first quarter of the year which will be a role model for rest of world not only for developing countries but also for the developed nations as well.

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