China a confident global player

China’s rise over the past two decades has reshaped the landscape of global politics. After joining WTO about two decades ago, China rapidly transformed its economy from a low-cost “factory to the world” to a global leader in advanced technologies, and also successfully transformed supply chains around the globe and also international diplomacy, leveraging its success to become the primary trading and development partner for emerging economies across Asia, Africa and Latin America .
China has a long history of aid and investment in the developing world. Now since 2013 President Xi Jinping’ sthe Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) of global infrastructure investment is making inroads not only in Asia and Africa, but also Europe. BRI, at present has grown up in to one of the most attractive platform for international cooperation new pathway enabling China successfully attract more than 141 countries and 32 International organizations successfully which clearly shows its influence.
This is fact that in recent past the Chinese President Xi Jinping rose as a strong leader at world platform. In 2019 at China’s 70th Founding Day, he said, with a “proud civilization spanning over five millennia.?.?.?will write a more brilliant chapter in our new journey toward the realization of the two centenary goals and the Chinese dream of great national rejuvenation. “China is also the world’s largest trading nation in goods. Chinese companies successfully improved there ranking every year at Global Fortune 500. It ranks in the world’s top countries for receiving and giving foreign direct investment and is the second biggest spender on research and development at some $300bn.
The Chinese Leadership in recent past has made a top priority in its economic planning through a number of high-profile initiatives, such as “Made in China 2025,” a plan announced in 2015 to upgrade and modernize China’s manufacturing in 10 key sectors through extensive government assistance in order to make China a major global player in these sectors. However, such measures have increasingly raised concerns that China intends to use industrial policies to decrease the country’s reliance on foreign technology.
The rise of China will undoubtedly be one of the great real time dramas of the twenty-first century. China’s extraordinary economic growth and active diplomacy are already transforming East Asia, and future decades will see even greater increases in Chinese power and influence. But exactly how this drama will play out is an open question. And what, if anything, can the United States and other members of the western block do to maintain their position as China rises? Some observers believe that the American era is coming to an end, as the Western-oriented world order is replaced by one increasingly dominated by the East. The famous historian Niall Ferguson has written that the bloody twentieth century witnessed “the descent of the West” and “a reorientation of the world” toward the East.
This is fact that “China has made an extraordinary leap towards modernity and progress, which would surely be considered as the great historical credit of the Communist Party of China (CPC).The journey of consistency & commitment to enable China to transform itself from a highly centralized planned economy in to a socialist market economy full of vitality and from a largely closed country to one that is open to the world on all fronts which alternatively positioned China as world leading economy and attracting FDI.
This year 2021 was very important for the China as the leadership made important decisions, the adaptation of 14th Five-Year Plan in spring. It set the agenda for achieving China’s ambition to become more economically independent and for taking the next steps to modernizing China’s industry. Innovation strategies – not least in fields like climate protection and environmental technology – will be at the forefront.
Learning from the adverse experience of others, the Chinese leadership resolved to build a moderately prosperous society instead of some entrepreneurs becoming filthy rich while others languished in poverty. Sound planning, astute implementation of the strategy succeeded in a country, which is nearly the size of a continent and has challenging locations ranging from arid deserts to towering mountains, ravines and inclement weather. Although Chinese economy suffered a major blow because of the pandemic but China continued to support its own citizens, as well as reaching out to others in need and continued the quest of developing a potent vaccine against COVID-19. Amidst these Herculean Tasks, it is creditable that the Chinese leadership managed to achieve its aim of eradicating absolute poverty ahead of the target set.
Since China’s success comes a decade ahead of the poverty reduction goal set by the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has declared that China’s poverty reduction experiences “can provide valuable lessons to other developing countries.” According to Xinhua’s opinion piece: ‘China’s poverty fight renews hope for global anti-poverty’, the major ones are: First and foremost, China’s struggle for poverty alleviation epitomizes the people-centered philosophy of the Chinese government.
China’s eradication of poverty has been an enigma for foreign scholars. They have summarized the solution as “5Ds”- Determined Leadership, Detailed Blueprint, Development Oriented, Data-based Governance and Decentralized Delivery.
China’s strenuous poverty eradication efforts are aimed, in essence, at ironing out social inequality step by step, so as to ensure stability and build a fairer and more inclusive society. Recently the word think tanks also take a closer look at China’s increasing political influence that has accompanied its extraordinary economic growth. China’s role in world affairs is bound to increase, given its growing weight and relevance due to its population size, its role as the globe’s second largest economy, its military capabilities, its technological advances as well as its status as a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council.
China is playing a growing role in the world economy. It is one of the world’s fastest growing countries and is one of the largest exporter. China is major borrower on international capital markets.

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