Five Chinese engineers who recently got into a brawl with the Khanewal policemen were deported on Tuesday.

Following the presentation of a report by Multan Commissioner Bilal Ahmed, Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal decided to have the engineers deported. They were sent to Lahore on special vehicles after which they were placed on China-bound aircraft.

Chinese nationals, police trade blows in Khanewal

The altercation transpired on April 4 in Kabirwala, Khanewal where the Chinese men were engaged in the M-4 Motorway project.

According to police, the men tried to leave their camp without security. For their safety, officials tried to stop them. A verbal spat then ensued, police said.

The Chinese engineers lashed out at security officers. Project engineer Danny flung a chair at the squad in-charge. At this point, another Chinese citizen scaled a police mobile. The Chinese nationals then cut power being supplied to the police camp.

Chinese are ‘guests’ working for development: Ahsan Iqbal

Police tried to control the situation by locking the men. Upon hearing about the altercation, the Kabirwala district authorities reached the spot and attempted to defuse the situation in vain.

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