Complications in unvaccinated women to increase

KARACHI: Syed Nusrat Shah Kamal, Pro-Vice Chancellor Dow University of Health Sciences addressing the webinar, here Wednesday.

KARACHI: Health experts have expressed concern that the rate of complications will increase in pregnant women in Pakistan who have not been vaccinated against the global pandemic COVID-19. They expressed this concern in his address to the 21st webinar of the COVID series, organized by the Dow University of Health Sciences in association with the American Society for Microbiology, says a Press release.
In Pakistan Seven million women suffer from some form of complications during pregnancy. Even during the global pandemic COVID-19 the number of pregnant women did not decrease this year, but it is feared that the number of victims of pregnancy complications, among women who have not been vaccinated will increase more than seven lakhs.
In the webinar on the topic of ‘Pregnancy in covid and Importance of vaccine’ Pro-Vice Chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences Professor Syed Nusrat Shah Kamal, Ambassador of Pakistan in American Society for Microbiology Professor Saeed khan, Professor Nazli Hasan, Professor Rafat Jalil also addressed and answered the questions of participants.
Speaking to Webinar, Prof. Nusrat Shah Kamal said that pregnant women are considered to be among the most vulnerable groups to severe infection by COVID-19, so it is imperative that pregnant women be vaccinated as soon as possible. Without any worries covid vaccines should be given. Rumors are rife, instead of being victimized Pregnant women should be given the COVID vaccine on a priority basis without any adverse effects on the unborn child, while antibodies will be transmitted through milk in the body of the children of breastfeeding mothers.
Speaking on the occasion, Saeed Khan, Ambassador of the American Society in Pakistan and Professor of Pathology at Dow University, said that out of five million women in our country, seven lakh suffer from some form of complication during pregnancy. The number of pregnant women was the same last year and this year too the number of pregnant women has not decreased but it is feared that the number of complications among women who have not been vaccinated will exceed seven lakhs, he said.
It is still not too late for pregnant women to be vaccinated without any fear. All vaccines given in Pakistan are approved. Instead of wasting time waiting for a particular vaccine, any of the available vaccines should be given. Pregnant women do not need a doctor’s prescription to be vaccinated at any vaccination center in the country.
Speaking to Webinar, Dow University Gynecology and Obstetrics professors Dr Nazli Hussain and Dr Rafat Jalil said there should be no ambiguity about the covid vaccine, it can also be given to women undergoing IVF treatment. Women’s immunity is weakened during pregnancy, which can lead to various diseases, including pneumonia and influenza. Before pandemic, pregnant women were being given influenza and other vaccines.
They also said that Corona is causing many problems in pregnant women of Pakistan. Women are exposed to various dangers during pregnancy so it is imperative that they should be vaccinated. All vaccines available in Pakistan are approved by the World Health Organization. On this occasion, they also highlighted the positive effects and effectiveness of the method of making all the vaccines, available in Pakistan. COVID vaccines should be given without giving attention to any rumors.
The World Health Organization has also stated the rate of effectiveness of all vaccines. Most vaccines are more than 50% effective. And if a vaccine is 50% effective, at least 50 % protection will be provided from Covid. In such a case, when pregnant women are already at risk, no more risk should be taken. No accurate statistics are available in Pakistan but in Iran research on this topic has shown that women with Covid have increased rates of premature births, stillbirth, and caesarean section.
According to the data collected on a limited scale in Pakistan, the death rate due to Covid complications in women affected during childbirth is 8%. Vaccination is needed on a priority basis to prevent it.
The participants of webinar thanked Dow University and American Society on organizing informative webinar.