Compromising and reconstructing democracy


Never in the history of Pakistan disorder of this magnitude has ever been witnessed where an elected Prime Minister is not only being criticised on his policies but each and every word he speaks is challenged, the entire opposition and new entrants (children of politicians) in politics using filthy, dirty foul language against him. On the other hand Prime Minister is showing patience and tolerance. But at the same time also erring in repeating “rhetoric” will not give NRO, thus giving platform to opposition and others to continue with their unending criticism. Since politics in Pakistan revolves around personal interests therefore it is devoid of morality, ethics and basic principles without any exception. The root cause is that majority of the people are uneducated and continue to remain under the influence of their masters therefore are forced to worship dynastic politics and continue suffering in their hands. This reminds me presidential speech of Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah delivered on 24 April 1943 while addressing All India Muslim League meeting in Delhi. He said that “Pakistan will have people government. The existing system of jagirdars and zamindars is very cruel and this will not work anymore. Where ever you go in the villages poor are getting poorer and rich are getting richer. If Pakistan is to be achieved for such people than it is better not to have such a Pakistan”. Look at the vision of Quaid e Azam what he said 77 years ago is right in front of us. What a tragedy that politicians with proven corruption charges, fully documented corruption continue enjoying VIP treatment and ridicule investigators and give open threat to heads of various institutions. Look at their life style, when you ask them about their source of income they get annoyed and start using derogatory language. The bigger tragedy is that no one is bothered and interested to attend to the basic problems of the people. It is also true that majority of the people have reconciled with this old rotten system except for few who want to change the status quo. What change one can expect when seasoned matured experienced politicians stand behind new born leaders and lend them full support instead coming forward and taking control of the situation
73 years in country’s life is not a small period, on one hand we have many success stories and world recognises us as atomic power but on the other hand still remain irresponsible and exhibit immaturity as for as national politics is concerned. Disunity, ethnic divide, hatred has become the order of the day paving way for anarchy. Rich getting richer poor getting poorer and this circle is going on unabated. Few days back our Prime Minister made a very bold statement and said that any new government should not assume power without proper preparation as the system is different what we see from outside and for those who work from inside. They must get proper briefing before moving forward. He further added that it took them three months to understand it and form a team. But still the team formed is not giving good results. There is a reason behind this as the team is used to working on old system as evolved by their master’s takes time to get adjusted under new environments. Can anyone give any such example of any past ruler accepting his own failure and weakness? Opposition is very happy on this statement and exploiting it without understanding in the context it has been made asking prime minister to quit on his failure. It is again a tragedy instead of appreciating his straightforwardness and giving factual position and speaking truth are criticising it without understanding the spirit of hi statement.
It is now certain that our politics is moving in the wrong direction be it government or opposition both are on wrong path that ultimately shall leads us nowhere except destruction. It is so painful that both sides are bent upon to defame each other without realising its far reaching consequences. What are the main issues concerning people of Pakistan. It is neither Marium, Bilawal or Imran. It is poverty that is increasing day by day, it is unemployment people are without job, soaring prices of sugar, wheat, shelter, health and education, our soldiers being martyred each day by internal and external enemies, lawlessness is at the peak, Thana culture worst than previous years. Ever increasing debt, power tariff, prices of fuel and shortage of gas and sword of circular debt, uncontrollable inflation and the biggest enemy of the century corona virus and its devastating effects on economy. The two other important issues that directly concern common man is quick dispensation of justice and corruption in each and every department of Pakistan be it provincial or central. These are those issues which need to be resolved without wasting time and these can only be resolved through consensus and collective wisdom. At present PDM that comprises of 11 parties have ganged up against Imran Khan. All these parties have independent agenda but united on one point that Imran should go. Another tragedy of this grand coalition is that the president of the party Maulana Fazalur Rahman who happens to be chief of JUI(F) was defeated in his home constituency and failed to win any seat. Look at the language he is using against government and establishment. His response to notice issued by NAB has been most irresponsible and equally threatening to chairman NAB. The senior leaders of JUI (F) have criticised their chief as a result Maulana Fazalur Rahman has cancelled their basic membership but they have now openly revolted against their chief as they are held in high esteem by the workers, they have called separate meeting and have asked Maulana to justify his assets accumulated over the years instead shouting atthe Chairman NAB. We do have laws to give adequate response to such people but government showing tolerance, but why and how long? On the other hand the response of PPP leadership has been good, they do criticise NAB but without crossing red lines, that is the difference between mature and immature leaders. Imran has spoken his heart knowing opposition will exploit it but we must appreciate his strong conviction and courage to speak the truth instead beating drums. We have seen how these two parties have been using fowl and dirty language against each other in recent past but now have come on one page with different agenda but united on one point to oust Imran Khan from power. In a working and practicing democracy the change can only take place through constitutional means from within parliament by bringing no confidence motion, or calling for fresh elections all other methods ultimately shall fail. Holding of protests, meetings, taking out processions, rallies anywhere in Pakistan are democratic right of each party and are allowed under constitution of Pakistan but within the purview of country laws. I think we are running out of time the opposition should wake up to the ground realities and avoid confrontation as they cannot fight state power. How come for two years the opposition was behaving in usual form as per practice in vogue but how could they suddenly come up and demand resignation of Prime Minister? In fact opposition’s action replay is of Imran Khan Protest in 2014 against Nawaz Sharif that did not yield any favourable result because the state power was behind him.
It is time we do away with dirty politics and resolve our issues in the parliament as said by Bilawal that they will fight in the parliament. Bringing disputes on the streets shall prove counterproductive; it has never helped anybody or going to help now. PDM leadership less Maulana Fazalur Rahman attended death anniversary of Shaheed Benazeer Bhutto. This was the day to remember the departed soul the great leader and recount her services rendered to the country and in strengthening the democracy but it was used to hurl abuses on IK. On the other hand Shaheed Benazeer Bhutto never complained about the difficulties faced by her during her confinement, never criticised the institutions. In spite of her reservations she never criticised the army and awarded them with Tamgha-e- Jhumariat to armed forces for their selfless services rendered to the country and the democracy. But look at the narrative followed on the death anniversary of Shaheed Benazeer Bhutto that they shall oust selected prime minister, he must pack up by 31 January. How any party or parties or individual can dislodge sitting elected prime minister, any unconstitutional step will be met with the power of state. That’s not the way to run democracy. People want the looted money back, they should give time frame of returning it to the people who are eagerly awaiting, diversionary tactics shall not work, people no more can be befooled, they are now well informed than leaders, by now they know who is wrong and who is right. Let sanity prevail, Asif Zardari gave a very sensible advise when he said that he does not agree with the method of removal of the government, let politicians follow the constitution and act accordingly, any other method or option exercised shall bring more harm to already fragile democracy.

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