Convex Interactive fits digital needs of country, abroad with excellence

Convex Interactive fits digital needs of country,

We believe in results backed by thick research; Our professional
team of experts ensures the digital innovation and advancement,
facilitating consistent growth for our clientele. Shazya tells TFD


Muhammad Umar Waqqas

KARACHI: IT Sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of Pakistan, contributing about 1% of the GDP of Pakistan or almost around USD 3.5 billion. It doubled in the past four years and experts expect it to grow a further 100% in the next two to four years to about USD 7 billion.
Convex Interactive (Pvt) Ltd has been serving domestic & international clients and delivering superior Information Technology solutions since 2012. It is presently operating in Pakistan, UAE, and USA and is raising the country’s name worldwide.
The directors have brought the company to this point with their tireless hard work, conviction, and passion, and they are determined that they will take the company to further heights by striving more in the future.
Pakistan is lagging behind the rest of the countries in the region in the IT industry, but with the presence of companies like Convex Interactive (Pvt) Ltd, this feeling turns into a belief that Pakistan is also capable of achieving a prominent position in the IT industry on a global scale.
Shazya Aamir, Co-founder of Convex Interactive, said “Over the last few years, we’ve helped many of our clients build and accelerate their business. With the current boom taking place in the Pakistani IT industry, Convex is proud to have led the way forward for brands shifting from traditional business models to modern technological solutions”.
ISO 27001:2013 Certified Company, Convex Interactive (Pvt) Ltd is also playing its role in tackling the weak economic condition of Pakistan. Along with providing employment opportunities to hundreds of employees, it is also becoming a source of inflow for foreign remittances into the country.
Convex provides targeted and custom-tailored mobile advertisements and telecom services, SEO services, social media management, creative design, App and web development, content management, platform development & other streaming operations, e-commerce, call center, WhatsApp & mobile solutions.
Aamir Irfan Siddiqui, the CEO, of Convex Interactive, said “We started this company in 2012 with limited resources, at a time when there was no business protection in the country and the country was suffering from severe political conflicts. But our vision and continuous hard work, day in and day out have brought the company to this point. We are striving for further development of our country and company”.
He further said, “There is no dearth of potential and intelligence in the people of Pakistan. If given the right opportunity, they can stand up against the top developed countries of the world”.