Coronavirus and students away from home

We all are aware that there is this pandemic called as the COVID-19 which has forced the whole world to shut down. We now know more about this disease than we had ever known before because now we are all suffering the consequences this disease had to offer.
Even though it started from china, but it has quickly grasped the other world countries and the whole world is paying the price in terms of deaths and infected cases. Let’s get a fact check about coronavirus disease 2019, we all know that it’s contagious, it can spread from one person to another, and due to that information we have stopped international and national travel, we have locked down the whole world. People are staying at their homes, we are sporting social distance, as a result of this information we are not even letting the outside studying students come back to their homes fearing that they might be infected with COVID-19, and do we even know what this has done to their psyche? I mean they are already in threat of being infected and losing their lives if not taken care of, then add to that the pain and grief of staying away from home, from their motherland.
What inspired me to write this piece is the fact that I got a call from my friend in Kyrgyzstan, who was very devastated by the fact that they are stuck over there in other country and they are not even able to come back home because they aren’t allowed to, and the government hasn’t made an effort to get them back home. What was affecting for me was the fact that she said “If we have to die due to this disease, we would prefer to die in our motherland, in our own country and in our own place than that of this alien place where we don’t even belong”.
This wrenched my heart, and I thought that the students living in other countries would be feeling the same things and going through not only physical problems but also the mental trauma of being away from home.
Now this piece of work is more like a request to the government here. I would suggest and request them to get all the students back whosoever are stuck in whichever countries in the world. You can keep all of them under quarantine for as long as they are supposed to be, I know they still won’t be able to get back to their homes and meet up their families and relatives but at least they would have this feeling of being home, being closed to their loved ones and may be that will lessen their mental trauma and may help them out of their physical illnesses as well, if they are suffering any in the first place.
I know that everything our administration is doing, every precautionary step they are taking is only for the betterment of our lives for our own safety and for keeping us safe from this deadly disease, but right now when times have come to this we must take into consideration the feelings and emotions of all the students who are stuck at places in different world countries and are unable to come back home.
I know this might seem like a lot but if only we could get them back and put them under quarantine in their own country it will be far better than leaving them on the mercy of other countries who in no chance will prioritise their health over the health of their own citizens first, it is a fact to be considered and fact to be acted upon, so I would request the government to take this into consideration, put themselves in the place of those students and try and get them back to their own country so that they can at least have peace of mind and do not feel left out or rejected by their own country and govt just because they wanted to go abroad for studies.
I hope this piece will make a difference in the lives of those students who are stranded in different countries, my heart goes out to all of them.

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