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Corruption in the land

Corruption in the earth is that man leaves the service of Allah and starts serving his own self or obeying others and abandoning the guidance of Allah and the building of his morals, society, economy, politics and civilization. It should be based on principles and laws that are derived from someone else’s guidance. This is the basic corruption that creates numerous cases of malpractices in land management and creates complex problems that have no solution.
It does not come and even if a solution is thought of, the problems get more complicated instead of being solved. In addition, from this verse of the Quran, it is also known that in the beginning, the reformation of the earth was the reformation, because the first human being, Adam himself, was a prophet.
While the writers of the history of human civilization establish the theory that man has come out of darkness and gradually came into the light and his life began with corruption which is gradually fading away, the Quran emphatically rejects this theory. The beginning can be from Tauheed: that is, the only way to correct the distortion is to start with Tauheed. This is the reason why all the Prophets who came to the world usually came in situations where various kinds of corruption had been created in the society, so they started their call with Tauheed which is the condition of avoiding the servitude of anyone else with Allah.
It is stated that after adopting this principle, the evils will automatically leave the society. But in this current age, the common people are seen to be so deeply immersed in the slavery and following of the cruel rulers of the time instead of Allah that these cruelties of the time. Despite presenting clear proofs of the rulers’ oppression, oppression, corruption, looting and rigging, as soon as they state the arguments, they open the way for more slaves to obey. It is surprising that despite more than seventy years, there is no such system in force in Pakistan. It was done so that the oppressor can be punished in a timely manner and the oppressed can be rewarded in a timely manner from the highest to the lowest institutions of the country, the love for this country and the intention to serve its poor people is not seen far away. To put a lid on the rights of the poor is not considered shame and cowardice, but political cunning and bravery.
As long as this series of injustice continues, riots will continue on earth because not only in Pakistan, but wherever there is injustice in the whole world, there will be riots. The ruling rulers of our country and the Islamic world obey America instead of Allah. And it has started following. It is a pity that most of our rulers choose Pakistan for power, but they go to foreign countries like America for their survival. They have control over our political, economic, judicial, social, educational, social, literary and human rights resources and issues.
We do not have the right to be free. At the expense of the public treasury, they enjoy treatment in expensive hospitals in foreign countries. It is surprising that even the health ministers of this country do not believe in their own doctors and medicine. It is clear that we believe in the Oneness of Allah. But no, they follow a few dollars of America. One has to go abroad to get a doctorate. One has to go abroad to get a political degree. To become a lawyer and judge, getting degrees from non-Muslim countries is a qualification and acceptable guarantee.
It is necessary to go to European countries for a proper assessment. This means that external recommendation and conspiracy is necessary and necessary to gain power in every institution of Pakistan. Without it, everything is unacceptable and unpopular. That every big person here in Pakistan cares about their interests, so they cannot take concrete measures against inflation, unemployment and unrest in the country, otherwise their economic plan will be damaged.
In the Muslim countries, the evils like civil wars, religious hatreds, murders, looting, bombings, chaos, false political promises, corruption, private and separate system imposed on the oppressed will end with a cloud of freedom and independence will spread and the rule of the system will prevail in the country which will bring blessings like progress, unity, prosperity, peace and tranquility.
Mischief will continue to gain strength in the name of Islam and new temptations will start emerging in every Muslim country, which will be impossible to fight, like Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, etc. There is a planned plan that sometimes here sometimes there, that is, in Arab and foreign countries, they have been advancing their personal interests and technology, and we Muslim countries do not learn from seeing each other’s destruction, because we separate all of them. They have kept us as slaves for obeying and following them. We only watch the spectacle. Unfortunately, we do not have the strength to defend and support. It is a very distant thing.