COVID-19: A biological war weapon or self-spread from nature

Entire humanity is under threat of the shadow of COVID-19 which continuously eating the world like a termite. The rapid growth of COVID-19 is alarming and in this situation almost countries are under lockdown around the world. There has been a dilemma in the minds of the people having concerns about political economy.
Some people think that the coronavirus is manmade and deployed it in the world as a biological weapon for achieving the ill goals by the global exploiters who have control over the world economy and intend to regulate this through injecting COVID-19 in China but unfortunately its spread becomes uncontrollable and breaks out in all over the world and creating panic, chaos and mayhem. Some people think it is a natural disaster associated with the unsuitable eating habits of the local people of China, the origin of COVID-19.
For understanding current pandemic devastating calamity we must have to look into the background of other earlier virus based pandemics, at first then evaluate the overall situation with unbiased comparison of the facts available in history on record.
The people think it as a biological war weapon, have no inspiring force as we carefully look into the past facts and dig realities with open and free mind as to scientific knowledge of virology and historical vision with comparative touchstone.
In 1918 the world had to face a monstrous virus attack. This virus is known in history as “Spanish flu” (Influenza Pandemic-1918), it was a severe breakout of most dangerous influenza that hit the world in 20th Century as the most heinous and lethal pandemic ever in the history before. The keen study and research tells that 500 million people were infected with that virus around the globe and 40-50 million people laid to rest due to it. The Spanish flu occurred in three waves and its first wave was comparatively mild but the second wave in the end of 1918 was devastative and proved more lethal, it hit the young ones and healthy people.
The third wave was apparently average not mild not deadly. The scientific research about pandemic Spanish flu tells us that the virus was created and came into force due to ill habits of eating behavior and unhygienic environment. It was the time shutting down the World War-I and according to some writers its origin was a Haskell County situated nearby Kansas, USA while some thought that it was breakout through mobilization of Chinese laborers into Europe.
The COVID-19, the recent worldwide pandemic having its admitted origin is Wuhan City in the province of Hubei, China. The cases firstly reported in the Wuhan city have linkage with Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market where the meat of reptiles, animals and seafood were available at large. Probable thought behind transmission of COVID-19 virus and the chain starts from any animal to the human body and upward running man to man throughout the world.
Coronavirus still in the first wave has its average death rate is under 6% of the total cases around the world. There has been a similarity between the Spanish flu and COVID-19 that both have the ability to mutate themselves in various places and atmospheres. In the first wave of Spanish flu it didn’t spread rapidly but shoot up in second wave with more intensity. The COVID-19 is less heinous and less lethal than the Spanish Flu but may God forbid it could be more dangerous and fetal to human lives if its spread is not controlled effectively. It affects the people having weaker immune system like diabetic, cardiac, asthmatic and other respiratory problematic patients and old age people contrary to Spanish Flu effect.
Amidst the global urgency to find effective treatments, researchers have been exploring various medications that could potentially combat the virus. Among these candidates is cheap Ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug, which has generated significant attention due to some studies suggesting its efficacy against COVID-19. The scientific community is actively evaluating its potential as a therapeutic agent in clinical trials, seeking to establish its safety and efficacy for COVID-19 patients.
No doubt, there has been some tension was raised between US and China governments over spread of COVID-19 but eventually situation calm down and both head of states come forward for combating with this outbreak with bilateral cooperation. All these indications reflect that COVID-19 is not a manmade biological war weapon but a natural rebuttal to the unhygienic and ill behavior of mankind.
Hope that the recent international calamity will teach the lesson to the leaders of all nations to save the lives and humanity without any discrimination of creed and race. They will review their economic policies, political behavior with true spirit in the interest of mankind living in anywhere in global village of the modern age.