COVID-19: Is this a Third World War sans military and borders?


WASHINGTONG DC: The COVID-19 spread has escalated in the Washington DC Metro area that includes the Capital Washington and portions of Virginia and Maryland states. All the restaurants, bars, movie theatres are closed, even small gatherings are cancelled. All religious institutions, including masajid have stopped prayers and social activities. All schools have suspended in person classes and teaching students using online Internet devices. Elderly over 60 years and people with weak immune system are advised to quarantine themselves to avoid the risk.
Today, the number of people confirmed infected with COVID-19 in Metro Washington area climbed to 116 with 3 deaths, adding 17 more cases this morning 17 of March, according to Washington Post.
On the economic front, the American media are blaming policymakers who have not done enough “to avert a protracted economic downturn deepened a sense of national crisis Monday and sent stocks to their worst single-day losses since the Black Monday crash of 1987.” The Dow Jones index plunged 3,000 points in a single day, a record point drop.
Usually in such times personal interactions with family and friends gives solace but due to the highly contagious nature of the virus we are advised to quarantine ourselves. The local governments are also taking measures to help the public. Washington Mayor Muriel E. Bowser ordered the closure of all restaurants and bars in the nation’s capital beginning at 10 p.m. Monday and lasting through the end of the month. “We are only allowing carryout, grab-and-go, pickup or delivery at city area bars, restaurants and taverns,” reported Washington Post.
The White House has postponed its internship and volunteer programs, stopped public tours and canceled large events through the end of March. The staffers are urged to work remotely. “There are mandatory temperature checks for anyone seeking to enter White House grounds. There was a small tent set up outside the White House gate Monday where reporters were screened with a temporal thermometer on their way to work, reported CNN. The WH is also taking measures to limit the number of journalists, reported CNN.
President Trump has announced not to hoard food and said, “We have tremendous control on Coronavirus.” This announcement made the public infuriated and frustrated as nobody has any idea when this uncertainty will end. The public also fears that if this menace is not controlled the grocery stores will be shutting down and what will happen to the availability of milk for their children and food for the family. People are expressing their concerns that how could the President say something that is contrary to the situation.
Amid all the above situation, Joe Biden and Burnie Sanders both had pledged to nominate a woman Vice President but did not give any name and both candidates agreed to work on replacing President Trump.
In the first one-on-one Presidential primary debate on Sunday, the Democratic Party candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders attacked each other on Coronavirus, Biden wants to take more steps to control the Coronavirus while Sanders want an over-haul of the health care system. Sanders said, “This is the time to move very aggressively dealing with the Coronavirus, America is a greater country where people care for each other rather than a nation of greed and corruption.” Biden said, “We are at war with this virus and have to take more steps to control it.”
No doubt this is a war like situation; a third World War has begun with no time limit, a war that has no military attacks in no specific borders but where the humanity has to combat with an unseen, invisible enemy.

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