COVID-19, SDGs and world peace

Coronavirus has exposed the role, functionality and objectivity of a number of organizations across the world. Height of human helplessness is realized with no vaccine or effective curable medicine to victim. Since, few medical procedures are being taken on trial and error basis to recuperate the COVIC-19 patient. It is also a vivid experience that the international organizations have already healed the humanity with laudable plans and strategies, but the current pandemic has still marked questions over its performance. Couple of years ago, MDGs were settled as an international agenda to improve the globe under the umbrella of UN. However, with the passage of time, MDGs required revisit with new insights.
Eventually, a new disciple was introduced with a new subject like “Science of Implementation”. Keeping in mind new science, a number of world’s educational organizations started their programs in their educational institutions with new subject of Science of Implementation. With the passage of time, SDGs were introduced to undertake the onus of global sustainable life on earth. Details of SDGs can be revisited: Since then SDGs are considered an effective panacea to social issues.
Novel coronavirus outbreak proved to be a novel in its nature. The world community is now enveloped with pandemic. It caged the human beings into houses and emancipated animals, birds, flora and fauna. Reckless precautionary measures are being taken individually and collectively, but the giant is still out of bottle. During school education, a quote “Hope is food of man” used to be written on the walls; speaking candidly, now its gist is realized. Stated otherwise, in the present lifesaving marathon, humanity is running on the ramp to recuperate the humanity.
The Coronavirus has depicted actual essence of global village which has not only annexed societies of different cultures, creed and races, but also sensitized the importance of live and let live. More or less all societies are already victim of few diseases, political issues, economical set back and cultural hiccups, but Coronavirus has overlapped with new virtue and vice. COVID-19 has brought societies to decide once for all whether scientific investigations are natural and necessary, natural and unnecessary of unnatural and unnecessary. Few limits have to be settled before we face unforeseen pandemics desiring masks over mouth as well as eyes.
Exigency of time requires revisiting SDGs in view of recent pandemic Coronavirus and many other epidemic and endemic diseases as well. Revisiting SDGs is necessarily required it has turned a happy soul to a suffering soul. It would also be suffice to mention here that “I am reading war and peace, so that my children can read navigation and economics so that their children can read music and poetry”. The last line has connotative meanings i.e. if in case positive measures are taken with synergetic approach to live and let live mechanism, per se there is charm of music and poetry; otherwise future generation will have to face the music. Hence, the future of mankind rest with revising international agendas with cogent, sage and rational guidelines. COVID-19 has made us realize that health and food security is far essential than other traditional and non-traditional threats.
The destiny of human survival once again lies within the court of humankind. Intelligencia, civil society and all schools of thought is required to delve deeper to put their all experiments into a controlled environment to control the environment before it is beyond control. A synergetic approach is to be placed to resettle priorities and plans for better future of human and non-human environment.

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