CPC’s 100th Anniversary unrivalled in the history of nations!

In the history of nations, there is not a single country that can claim to have the same political party in power sinceits birth until today. The closest any party comes to the CPC’s longevity is the Soviet Communist Party (SCP) that hadruled the USSR for a total of just sixty-nine years. Even though the CPC was derived from the SCP, but there are so many differences that has made the CPC the most successful and popular political party by its citizens. As a matter of fact, a recent survey conducted by a Canadian university shows that the Chinese citizens are 89% satisfied by their government and the CPC policies. Similar satisfaction ratings has been found by Statista research firm in their recent survey in China.
Since the formation of the mainland China (PRC), the CPChas become intimately involved in the daily lives of its citizens.This intimate involvement has transformed China into a country from rags to riches. And this unprecedented transformation in the history of mankind has made China a unique country as we see it today. Today, China is one of the fastest growing country in the world and is the emerging power as has been acknowledged many times by the US and the Western countries. Overall, China has been transforming and evolving by staying resilient and flexible to adapt the internal and external elements as they have been evolving and by learning lessons from the past and improving them through the experience. Under President Xi Jinping, main focus of the CPC has been to continue to reform the society by eliminating nepotism, corruptions and favors from all levels of the society, including the party. Since the recent past, the main focus of the CPC has been to continue to improve the daily lives of its citizens through poverty elimination, job creations, removal of the bureaucratic barriers, supporting innovations, enticing entrepreneurship, and adopting cutting edge technologies in everyday lives.
History shows that since the inception of the CPC, there have been three distinct periods that have transformed the dynastic Chinese society into the current progressive and vibrant one. The first period was after the birth of mainland China (Peoples Republic of China; PRC) under the Chairman Mao Zedong, followed by the structural reforms under the leadership of President Deng Xiaoping, and the current period, under President Xi Jinping. As China transforms into an emerging superpower, China has shown to the world its thousands of years resilient history and presence of innovation in its DNA. Currently, China is creating a lot of wealth for its society through innovation and early adoption of cutting-edge technologies and has moved about 80 million of its people out of poverty. In some areas, China has already established its leadership, like the high-speed rail, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robots, e-commerce adoption, highest Internet access by over a billion of people, and becoming the cashless society for everydaytransactions by millions of its citizens. This is incredibly unique transformation and far ahead from the other highly advanced societies, like the US and Europe. These marvels of technology speak by themselves how advanced Chinese society has become in a truly short period of time which is unprecedented in the history of mankind. As a matter of fact, this is the first time in the human history that this transformation has been taking place in a single generation of any society!
Under the leadership of President Xi, China has embarked on a grand scale project covering all the four corners of the world through its Belt & Road Initiative (BRI). The BRI is helping economies of its member countries through building infrastructures, schools, hospitals, roads, airports, dams, seaports, power plants, and assistance in agriculture. These investments are helping the developing and the poorest countries of the world equally in eliminating the absolute poverty and to jump-starting of their economies through building the infrastructures, improving the healthcare, expanding the education opportunities, bringing prosperity, and uplifting the standard of living of their citizens
Pakistan is one of the countries that has developed excellent bilateral relationships with China since the creation of the PRC. As a matter of fact, Pakistan and China are called the “Iron Brothers.” The CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) has been adorned as the Crown Jewel of the BRI! Under the CPEC, China has been investing heavily to modernize Pakistan’s infrastructure, building power plants, dams, ports, etc. These investments and technological assistance will greatly help Pakistan to modernize its industries and improve lives of its citizen which was not possible without Chinese help. These actions have further strengthened the bilateral relationships between the two brotherly countries and Pakistan is very thankful for the Chinese people, their leadership, and the CPC. On behalf of Pak-Sino Enterprise, CONGRATULAIONS to Chinese people, their leaders, and the CPCin celebrating the Centennial of the party!

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