CPEC as a game changer

The provocations and opportunities for a nation go mutually together. The success of a nation, lies in successfully escapading its advantageous geo-strategic position to face the challenges and cash in on the opportunities that are impending. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) provides many opportunities for Pakistan and tackles it with dispiriting challenges as well, putting to a hard test, its political will for good governance and diplomacy. Pakistan’s leaders, beguile, leaders are bound to address the aspirations of its federating units for equitable distribution of projects under CPEC. Leaders have to oppose attempts of malignant countries to vandalize the project.
CPEC importance is under- scored by economic and trade connectivity with Central Asia and beyond. The Central Asian region is rich in hydrocarbon resources, minerals and cotton and agricultural products. The rambling region bordering China, Afghanistan, Iran and Russia is landlocked and dependent on the seaports of China, Russia, Iran and Turkey, and likely Pakistan. The Chinese and the Russian seaports are too distant to be profit-making for these states. The Russian deep seaport of Vladivostok port is at an orbit of 9,500 kilometers. Nevertheless, relatively a short distance away, the route to the Black Sea ports of Turkey passes through the divisive Caucasian states.
The Iranian seaport of port Abbas is also located at an orbit of about 5,000 kilometers, beguile, Gwadar seaport is only 2,700 kilometers from Tajikistan.
Aforementioned, equally applies to the existing and potential oil and gas pipelines to connect with South and Southeast Asia and world trade. Aside from the Soviet-era pipelines carrying oil and gas from Central Asia to Europe, Russia has sponsored the International South-West Transport Corridor, along with Iran , some 20 Eurasian countries and India with routes and railways from Iran to the Russian Caspian port of Astrakhan. Second inferior with Central Asian Republics is to lay oil and gas pipelines from the Caspian Sea to the Black Seaports of Turkey. First pipeline , in 2016 ,on the route was invoked. The third option for the outflow of their oil and gas is to use the route to Afghanistan-Iran-Pakistan to connect with world trade.
In 2006, Asian Development Bank,after the operationalisation of this economic connectivity within significant Asia, the dealing between Central Asian states and Afghanistan expanded to $12 billion with the formation of some 750,000 jobs and the GDP of China’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region would expand by 3%. The Eurasian Bridge being constructed by China beyond its Xinjiang region to unlocked direct trade links with Europe by overland
transportation via Central Asia would substantially decrease the conveyance, freight charges of containers. The road transportation of containers from China transiting through the Xinjiang region and Central Asia to Rotterdam would decrease transit time to 11 days from the present 20-40 days taken by the seaborne consignments with a considerable reduce
in freight tarifs. Bequeathed in future, tremendous boost to trade between Asia and Europe.
Judicious Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan like crucially important positions compared to the other opponents in the new economic great game being played out in the Central Asian.
Pakistan, well, social security enormously from the economic and commercial connectivity with the Central Asian region and the overland economic with Europe has outstanding connectivity with Xinjiang through the CPEC and Gwadar deep seaport. Short transit period, short distance and decreased freight are significant factors in promoting trade and transportation of commercial goods or tangible products. Potentially, Gwadar port will attract the bulk of the cargo transiting through Xinjiang to Europe.
The eminent economic game in the Central Asian region looks at the cardinals of the CPEC as a game changer for both China and Pakistan. Linkage, Pakistan directly with China and the Central Asian states and Europe stimulus to its geographic and economic factors relating to international trade.
China has been persistently backing some described foreign policy purposes in the Asian region through unilateral and multilateral diplomacy to assist warrant political firmness and security in the region. To create an alternative transport corridor to Europe through Central Asia. Doubtless, the opportunities prospectively coming our way for trade and economic integrations are extensive, but the foreign policy summons are redoubtable.
Must behooves to review the bilateral relations of Pakistan with Iran and Afghanistan.
Law and order tranquility , peace and stability in Afghanistan are vitally important for Pakistan. It should adequate the international and regional struggles to generate blanket governing structures in that country. Pakistan has to neutralise the hostilities to the CPEC from within and without. America and India are advertising the project. The security of the routes authorized the most important one of several similar factors for Gwadar to develop. The main
Ultimatum impenetrable are to rehabilitate our economy. Be off and scram of the ferocious imbroglio of debts, economic mismanagement and corruption and to get the better of credo and doctrine, provincial and social and cultural groups within the world and societies.

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